Career highlights include Strategic Sales Vision and Business

Nov 1, 2013

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cheap Canada Goose Neither of the brothers could bear the thought of leaving their mother alone. And they couldn’t fathom being separated from each other. Born just a year apart, 21 year old Jeancarlo and 20 year old Jan Miguel had lived together their entire lives. Experienced in Consumer Direct, Process Design Improvement, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Stacks and their integration, Operations, Marketing, Vendor Management proficient in Sales Training, Sales Management, and Telephony. Career highlights include Strategic Sales Vision and Business Development (generated $2 billion + media mentions during 30 day promotion), Leadership and Change Management (transformed 10th ranked sales division to 1 in three months; division originated $10 billion for the year), Performance Optimization and Tactical Execution(created real time reporting across marketing and business intelligence, increasing productivity by 270%, conversion by 42%, and funded units by 2.3x), and increased Gmail open rate 20X from 1 % to 20%. Innovation and Creative Problem Solving (reduced 1M loss/month by 85% in six months). cheap Canada Goose

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