I imagine a certain part is broken but I really can’t shell

Nov 26, 2013

one long beep

moncler outlet uk Hi, computer has suddenly stopped working on me. I built my rig a year ago and it’s been working fine for a while, replaced PSU in December and everything has been going okay for a while now. I attempted to turn my computer this morning and noticed it was taking an extremely long time to get past the initial boot screen. I noticed it was faltering especially long when the message “checking buy moncler jackets USB mass storage devices” came up, and since it didn’t seem to be making any progress at all I turned the computer off and removed both external hard drives. I then attempted to boot again. This time, I managed to get through the initial boot screen (albeit slower than usual) , but moncler outlet online when I had finally gotten through it all my motherboard emitted one long continuous beep. I received about a billion different answers as to what the problem may be. First, I attempted to remove the video card. All this achieved, however, was allowing me to see the hardware check screen after the initial boot screen before being greeted with the same beep. I then switched the slot the RAM was in, this led to no results however. I’m still relatively new to computer building so I really have no idea what’s going on, but I’m extremely distressed and concerned because I can’t seem to fix this. I imagine a certain part is broken but I really can’t shell out the money to replace it until I know exactly which part is broken. I have no spare RAM cheap moncler or PSU, unfortunately. I’ll list my specs in a second, but there are two other things I’d like to mention. moncler outlet store One, the PSU on/off switch appears to have broken and is stuck in the on position. This happened while troubleshooting, only adding to my frustration. monlcer down jackets Two, a certain fan in my computer had been making odd noises upon booting up for a while now. This whole thing may be my fault for not troubleshooting while I had a chance, but I honestly just hoped it would go away, which it did. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section or something or I’m missing something else, but I’m desperate. Thank you for your time. moncler outlet uk

cheap moncler outlet Do you have multiple sticks of RAM installed? cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet online Also, something to try anytime you have these type of issues is reset the CMOS. Disconnect PC from power and take out the over sized watch battery from the moncler outlet sale motherboard. Give it 30 seconds to let the capacitors flush then put the battery back in and try booting. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler jackets sale I will look into this. Just a bit apprehensive about touching anything sensitive. Quote: cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet store Sounds to moncler mens jackets me like a defective CPU. I had one go bad a few years back and the symptom was very slow boot and operation once up and running. How is it once in windows? Normal speed? moncler outlet store

cheap moncler Yes, once I actually am able to boot everything runs just fine. I’d like to assume the PSU is dead because that’s a simple replacement, but I’m not certain. The PSU was 650W and I’m certain that with my hardware I wasn’t anywhere near the amount needed to overtax it. Still, does a dead PSU fit into my earlier symptoms? Additionally, the switch that turns the PSU on and off broke several days ago when I first had trouble booting. It is stuck in the on position and when I attempt to switch it off, cheap moncler jackets the button does not stick. I appreciate everyone’s help. Computer was able to turn on, regular boot time, everything went fine. I turned on my computer this morning however, and the slow moncler sale outlet boot problem is happening again. Given how that was a prelude to my previous power supply just failing, I’m extremely worried. I just don’t understand what it could be anymore. cheap moncler coats (Sorry for the long delay, I was on a business trip last week) cheap moncler

moncler jacket sale Two Antec PSUs, replacement being an Antec VP450 and the original was a 650w EarthWatts. The 650w worked perfectly up until I posted this thread, and the replacement worked fine for a day. As for USB devices, I have my wireless mouse and keyboard dongles in the front of my case, and going into the motherboard itself is a dock device for a wifi dongle and my monitor so cheap moncler outlet I can use the USB ports on that. I actually started using that fairly recently since moncler sale my last USB hub equivalent kept dying. Could that possibly be the issue?I also had two external hard drives plugged in but I haven’t had those in for extended periods of time since the first PSU died. Those have worked fine for at least a year though on multiple machines, and they haven’t been behaving oddly. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler coats I would guess that the monitor is just pulling way too much juice out of your USB ports or something. If there is a way to power the monitor from a wall outlet it may work fine as a regular monitor or even as a USB monitor. A solid powered hub may also solve your problem. I originally thought it was a USB monitor, so if it’s a hub, some of the above doesn’t quite make sense. The monitor is probably fine Moncler Outlet, even if the hub is broken; though it’s also possible that the monitor hub + dongle + 2x wireless devices were just too much for the 5V bus, and using moncler outlet a powered hub would solve some problems. It’s also possible your old USB hub is also fine (especially if it wasn’t powered externally), if the devices you had hooked to it were pulling too much power, it could start dropping off to keep the PC5v alive cheap moncler coats.

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