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Indypendent Staff Dec 27, 2013


We have been as busy as ever during the past year — covering grassroots social movements here in New York and around the globe, exploring big ideas that help us see the world anew and bringing forward the voices and lived experiences of those who struggle for justice and dignity beyond the gaze of the corporate media.  

Below are 52 of our best articles and interviews from 2013 — one for each week of the year. We hope you enjoy reliving 2013 through the pages of The Indypendent as much as we did. As 2014 approaches, we are excited about our upcoming move to Brooklyn and have big plans in store for the coming year.  We look forward to doing more great work, but we need your support now

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The Staff of The Indypendent


“Searching for the Real Bill de Blasio” by Steven Wishnia

“In the Mayor's Race, Labor Endorses Division” by Ari Paul

“Rethinking the Luxury City” by Tom Angotti

“Rebranding NYC: How the 1% Created a Tale of Two Cities” by John Tarleton

“Ed Koch's Legacy” by Steven Wishnia

“Queens in the Crosshairs” by Marty Kirchner

“Rebuilding in the Rockaways” by Diego Ibanez

“How Sandy Has Changed the Game in Coney Island” by Timothy Bidon



“Putting It All on the (Pipe)line” by Emily Masters

“Our Planet in the Balance: Inside the Warsaw Climate Talks” by Renée Feltz

“One Thing Before I'm Fired” by Bill McKibben (Shadow Cabinet issue)

Note: This article is from the Jan. 2013  issue in which we “appointed” prominent left thinkers and organizers to positions in President Obama's “shadow cabinet” and asked them to describe what they would do if they held that position.



“Health Care Market Madness” by Margaret Flowers

“First Person: A Poor Millennial's Health Care Dilemma” by R.K. Owen

“At HHS, Nowhere to Go But Up” by Eric Laursen (Shadow Cabinet issue)

“NYC School Parent First Person: Listen to Our Voices” by Janine Sopp

“Ready to Resist: Upstart Teachers Challenge Union Leadership” by John Tarleton

“Grading the Education Mayor” by Leonie Haimson

“The Data That Nourishes” by Brian Jones

“Empty the Shelters, Fill the Homes” by Cheri Honkala (Shadow Cabinet issue)



“Red, White & Bang” by Nicholas Powers

“The Resurgence of White Supremacy in Post-Racial America” by Nicholas Powers

“Rethinking Black Reality: Interview with Dominique Fishback” by Ashley Marinaccio

“Stop-and-Frisk Appeals Court Shows Its Authoritarian Streak, Once Again” by Ann Schneider

“What Is 'Constitutional' Stop-and-Frisk?” by Ann Schneider

“Sanity from Death Row: Interview with Stephen Vittoria” by John Tarleton




“AFL-CIO Charts a New Course” by Michael Hirsch

“Confronting Nativists in the Jersey Suburbs” by Marty Kirchner

“First Person: A Day Laborer's Story” by Roberto Meneses

“Dreaming Out Loud” by Michael Gould-Wartofsky





“Under the Gaze” by Nicholas Powers

“As the NSA Follows You, We Follow the Money” by Emily Masters

"Whistleblower Poster Series Part 1: Edward Snowden” by Catherine Byun

“Whistleblower Poster Series Part 4: Chelsea Manning”  by Catherine Byun





“Venezuela After Chavez” by Ewan Robertson

“Mexican Teachers Flood Capitol to Protest Business-Led School Reforms” by Laura Carlsen

“Egypt, Back to Square One: Interview with Joel Beinin” by Alina Mogilyanskaya

“Humanitarian Hypocrisy” by Anna Polonyi

“Africa's Small Steps Toward LGBTI Equality” by Neela Ghoshal




"Word” by Mike Newton

“Youth Revolt” by Anna Polony

“Hardhats for Peace” by Michael Hirsch

“Bumper Crop of New Books on the United Farm Workers” by Bennett Baumer

“Chicha Libre Flows Freely in Brooklyn” by David Meadow

“Photography As Remedy: An Interview with Jamel Shabazz” by Camille Wanliss Ortiz

“Indy Fiction: The Storm” by Nicholas Powers



“Mastering Cliteracy: Interview with Sophia Wallace” by Alina Mogilyanskaya

“Call It ‘Affirmative Action Orgasms’” by Nicholas Powers

“First Person: How Roe v. Wade Changed My Life” by Ann Schneider



“Occupy's Legacy: A Massive Burbling of Possibilities” by Ethan Earle

“First Person: Looking to Build a Larger Movement” by Steve Williams

“Overcoming Fragmentation: An Interview with NTanya Lee” by John Tarleton

“Within Our Reach: Examples of How to Create a Just and Healthy Society Are All Around Us” by John Tarleton & Alina Mogilyanskaya (Poster Map)


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