Im not sure how advanced the code inside the tooltip could be

Feb 9, 2014

My son was given a female rat a few years ago. Sarah was moody, the complete opposite of Max. At first she was very friendly but with females, I guess there is a need to breed them at a certain age or they can turn. Firstly, thanks ober!Today Decal Tomorrows should be put into sources tab, i would suggest you expand the Floor_Data:R1>5 system and add your decal images to imgur and link them the same way rotation images are (by checking AD1>AF8 on current rotation)You are right about the decal reset time being a pain, that is going to suck 🙂 You could however recycle the code in AC1 on current rotation to work out the time/day and use a new set of AD1/AE1>AF8 to work out the decal at the correct time separate from the rotation)on current rotation Cell M3/4 to Q3/4 should be un merged and split into 2. The second half starting at O3 should contain a reference link to the image decal for today (obviously scaled down)On hover of today decal you should use a popout tooltip (like on cells F3>K3) containing info about what it is. Im not sure how advanced the code inside the tooltip could be, but its if possible to ref link again, you could even place tomorrows decal in the popup.

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