These included Project Horizon (1959)

Feb 9, 2014

How Do We Terraform The Moon

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Definitive Guide To Terraforming We continue with a look at the Moon, discussing how it could one day be made suitable for human habitation.

Ever since the beginning of the Space Age, scientists and cheap moncler coats futurists have explored the idea of transforming other worlds to meet human needs. Known as terraforming, this process calls for the use of environmental engineering techniques to alter a planet or moon temperature, atmosphere, topography or ecology (or all of the above) moncler outlet online in order to make it more As Earth’s closest celestial body, the Moon has long been considered a potential site.

cheap moncler All told, colonizing and/or terraforming the Moon would be comparatively easy compared to other bodies. Due to its proximity, the time it would take to transport people and equipment to and from the surface would be significantly reduced, as would the costs of doing so. In addition Moncler Outlet, it proximity means that extracted resources and products manufactured on the Moon could be shuttled to Earth in much less time, and a tourist industry would also be feasible. cheap moncler

moncler jackets outlet Lunar Colonization In Fiction: moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler coats The subject of establishing human settlements on the Moon is one of the most popular staples of science fiction. And whereas the vast majority of stories involve lunar settlements built on the surface using sealed domes or beneath the surface, there are some examples where the Moon itself is made into an environment that is habitable for humans. Released moncler outlet sale in 1910, this story involves an atmosphere being gradually created and vegetation being acclimated in order to turn the Moon into a sanctuary for endangered species and human colonists. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet Artist concept of a possible lunar base, its lights visible on the dark side of the moncler outlet Moon. Moore wrote, one of several novels that take cheap moncler jackets place in her Smith universe, which centers on a spaceship pilot and smuggler living in a colonized Solar System. In this novel, she presents the Moon as a once fertile place, and describes how it gradually became an airless wasteland. In 1945, British novelist and academic C. S. Lewis released That Hideous Strength, in which the Moon (Sulva) monlcer down jackets is described as being home to a race of extreme eugenicists. moncler outlet

Arthur C. Clarke wrote several novels and short stories that included lunar colonies between the 1950s and 1970s. In 1955, he wrote Earthlight, in which a lunar settlement is caught in the crossfire as war erupts between Earth and an alliance between Mars and Venus. In 1961, A Fall of Moondust was published, where a tourist cruiser (Selene) sinks into a sea of Moon dust.

moncler jacket sale In 1968, Clarke seminal novel 2001: A Space Odyssey was released, part of which takes place on a colonized Moon where a mysterious monolith is found (known as the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly, or TMA 1)., released in 1973, also makes mention of a colonized Moon, which is part of Solar System spanning polity known as the United Planets. moncler jacket sale

Robert A. Heinlein also wrote extensively about human settlement on the Moon. One of his earliest was (1952), which centers on an exceptional family (the Stones) that lives on a settled Moon, but chooses to leave in order to buy moncler jackets explore the Solar System. In 1966, he released the Hugo Award winning novel, in which a largely subterranean lunar colony supplies Earth with food and minerals.

cheap moncler jackets sale Artist concept of a possible Lunar Base on the surface of the Moon. Credit: NASA cheap moncler jackets sale

The population, known as are mostly the descendants of convicts (particularly political prisoners) who live under an Earth administration. With the help of an artificial intelligence, a group of independence seekers launch a revolt and wrest their independence from Earth. A third installment, (1985) takes place cheap moncler outlet on a Free Luna several years later.

moncler outlet jackets In 1988, Kim Stanley Robinson released, which deals with cheap moncler sale a group of enslaved miners forced to work under the lunar surface who launch a moncler mens jackets rebellion. The list goes on, with literally hundreds (if not thousands) of examples of humans living on the Moon in the cheap moncler near and distant future. moncler outlet jackets

Study of Lunar Settlement:

cheap moncler jackets Over the course of the past few decades, numerous proposals have been made for constructing a colony (or colonies) on the Moon. Most arose with the advent of the Space Age and the Apollo Program. And in more recent years, with proposals to return to the Moon by the 2020s, there has been renewed interest in creating a permanent settlement. However, there are some scientific proposals that predate the 20th century. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet store For example, in 1638 Bishop John Wilkins an English clergyman, naturalist, and member of The Royal Society wrote A Discourse Concerning a New World and Another Planet, in which he predicted a human colony on the Moon. Famed Russian rocket and astronautics scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857 1935) who first proposed the concept of a Space Elevator also suggested that a lunar settlement would be a major step in humanity becoming a space faring species. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet online A lunar base, as imagined moncler outlet store by NASA in the 1970s. Image Credit: NASA moncler outlet online

moncler sale By the 1950s and 60s, proposals began to snowball with the establishment of the Apollo Program, where plans for placing astronauts on the Moon naturally led to ideas for creating permanent bases and even settlements there. In 1954, Arthur C. Clarke proposed that a lunar base could be created using inflatable modules that would then be covered in lunar dust for insulation. moncler sale

moncler sale outlet Initial settlement would involve astronauts building igloo like structures and an inflatable radio mast, which would be followed by the establishment of a larger, permanent dome. mass drivers) launching cargo and fuel to interplanetary vessels in space. moncler sale outlet

In 1959, John S. This concept for a base consisted of a half cylinder with half domes at both ends and a micrometeoroid shield placed above the base. This concept was based on the then accepted theory that there were oceans of dust on the Moon which were up to a kilometer and a half (1 mi) deep in some areas.

moncler outlet uk Several plans also emerged during this era for military installations on the Moon. These included Project Horizon (1959), a plan by the US Army to build a fort on the Moon by 1967. The US Air Force also proposed the Lunex Project in 1961, which envisaged the creation of an underground air force base on the Moon by 1968. moncler outlet uk

Artist concept of a proposed ESA Lunar Village, which it plans to create by the 2030s. Credit: ESA/Foster + Partners

moncler factory outlet In 1962, John DeNike (the Program Manager for NASA Advanced Programs) and Stanley Zahn (Technical Director of Lunar Basing Studies in the Martin Company Space Division) published a proposal titled Basing Their concept called for a sub surface base located at the Sea of Tranquility, which would rely on nuclear reactors for power and an algae based air filtration system. moncler factory outlet

In more recent years, multiple space agencies have drafter proposals for building colonies on the Moon. In 2006, Japan announced plans for a Moon base by 2030. Russia made a similar proposal in 2007, which would be built between 2027 32. In 2007, Jim Burke of the International Space University in France proposed creating a Lunar Noah Ark to ensure that human civilization would survive moncler sale outlet a cataclysmic event.

cheap moncler outlet In August of 2014, representatives from NASA met with industry leaders to discuss cost effective ways of building a Lunar base in the polar regions by 2022. In 2015, NASA outlined a concept for lunar settlement that would rely on robotic workers (known as Trans Formers) and heliostats to create a lunar settlement around the Moon southern polar region. For starters, the Moon has an atmosphere that is so thin that it can only be referred to as an exosphere. hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon) cheap moncler outlet.

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