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Mar 6, 2014

Sick Leave Policy Is Terrible

moncler outlet uk At a time when more and more companies are going out of their way to promote work life balance, Walmart is punishing workers for having a life outside of work. moncler outlet uk

Hourly Walmart workers who miss their scheduled shifts because they’re sick or moncler outlet having a family emergency risk getting fired under cheap moncler sale the company’s punitive policy on sick leave. The policy is particularly harsh toward women, who most often care for children and family members outside of work.

Each time a worker misses a scheduled shift the schedule is worked out three weeks in advance they earn a “point.” Accrue enough points and you’re buy moncler jackets fired, or as company spokesman Blake Jackson puts it: “You’re eligible for termination.”

moncler outlet store Jackson says that managers have discretion when deciding to hand moncler outlet online out points,and if someone has a good excuse for missing a shift, they’re not penalized. moncler outlet store

But Walmart workers tell a vastly different story in a report released earlier this month from A Better Balance, a nonprofit legal advocacy group. The group surveyed about 1,000 of the company’s employees. Eighty five percent said Walmart regularly punishes people for taking time off because of a disability or serious illness.

The report claims that Walmart often acts unlawfully, penalizing workers who should moncler outlet sale be protected under various federal laws. Workers said their managers would often ignore notes from doctors not even reading them before issuing points.

Katie Orzehowski told HuffPost she missed a few shifts from her job at a Walmart in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, after she had a miscarriage last year and was docked six or seven points.

moncler sale When she was back at work and cheap moncler outlet discovered she was still bleeding, her boss said leaving work early would cost her a half point. Later that year, Orzehowski who makes $10.20 an hour came to work when she had the flu. “I’m thinking, ‘Oh jeez, I can’t afford to miss work,'” she said. moncler sale

moncler jacket sale It’s clear that these are not isolated incidents, but a pattern of moncler mens jackets similar stories we moncler sale heard time and again. moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet Elizabeth Gedmark, senior staff attorney at A Better Balance moncler outlet

Walmart disputes Orzehowski’s story, which she also shared with The New York Times.

moncler outlet jackets “We do not have any information that would support that Ms. monlcer down jackets Orzehowski advised us of a medical reason for her absences. If that were the case, she could have used those moncler sale outlet medical records to apply for a leave or accommodation,” Walmart said in a statement. “They’ll turn down every excuse you have,” she said. moncler outlet jackets

moncler factory outlet “The stories in our report speak for themselves. And it’s clear that these are not isolated incidents, but a pattern of similar stories we heard time and again,” Elizabeth Gedmark, a senior staff attorney at A Better Balance, told HuffPost. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler jackets “We heard from hundreds of workers who have been punished for absences related to serious illnesses and disabilities. In particular, Walmart’s routine failure to accept doctors’ notes is a major focus of the report and exactly why they claim to not know about a worker’s medical condition.” cheap moncler jackets

moncler jackets outlet Walmart said it hasn’t examined the survey in detail and notes that it cannot speak to the accuracy of the anonymous anecdotes in it. moncler jackets outlet

The company says the point system is necessary to keep workers from calling at the last minute and leaving their colleagues short handed.

Workers do need to miss work on occasion, and the company has “processes in place to assist them,” spokesman Jackson told HuffPost Moncler Outlet, emphasizing that Walmart complies with federal cheap moncler coats laws. “We believe we have the right training measures cheap moncler jackets in place to help communicate our attendance, disability and pregnancy policies to our associates.”

moncler sale outlet She was on her deathbed when I requested time off to be with her. My request was denied. Walmart said I would be fired if I took the time off. My mother died alone. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online Walmart worker quoted in A Better Balance’s new report moncler outlet online

cheap moncler Yet even if the points system is administered with high discretion and within the bounds of the law, it still leaves workers in a terrible position. cheap moncler

moncler outlet sale Employees say the system effectively scares them from taking sick time and adds stress to already stressful situations. Women, who are often responsible for children at home, are in a particularly tight spot. You can’t always plan in advance for when your child gets an ear infection or needs to be picked up early from school. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler jackets sale The stories in the Better Balance report are heartbreaking: One worker said her manager threatened that she’d earn points if she took time off to be with her mother, who was getting hospice care. cheap moncler jackets sale

“She was on her deathbed when I requested time off to be with her,” this worker says in the report. “My request was denied. Walmart said I would be fired if I took the time off. My mother died alone in early April 2017. Not being with her when she passed was devastating.”

cheap moncler outlet Other employees describe receiving points for taking time off to handle chronic conditions like asthma or emergency medical conditions like a heart attack. A mother got points for taking her son to the hospital when he had pneumonia. “In many instances, it runs afoul of federal, state and local law.” cheap moncler outlet

A Better Balance, which has also filed a separate pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Walmart on behalf of two employees, worked with the labor group OUR Walmart to conduct its moncler outlet store survey via Facebook, targeting users who identified as Walmart employees.

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