89 goals per game (16th in the NHL) last season and three goals

May 6, 2014

680 NEWS knows weather and we guarantee it. That why it called the 680 NEWS Weather Guarantee! If we off by more than 3 degrees, we brighten your day by giving one of our Insider members cash. On that following day. 1. Will Ilya Kovalchuk spark the offense?The Kings signed Kovalchuk after scoring 2.89 goals per game (16th in the NHL) last season and three goals during a four game loss to the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference First Round.Kovalchuk has scored at least 40 goals six times in the NHL. However, the forward is also 35 years old, and the NHL is trending more toward youth and speed.Video: 31 in 31: Los Angeles Kings 2018 19 season preview2.

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