There, my therapist finally disclosed my diagnosis of

May 3, 2014

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Yes, I brought it up to my therapist two/three years ago after my first major hospitalization. There, my therapist finally disclosed my diagnosis of depression and c ptsd. Although appropriate, I felt like that was just forcing all the puzzle pieces together. When I brought up BPD she told me I really didn match the diagnosis for BPD canada goose parka uk so I let it go.

cheap canada goose uk In hindsight, there was a lot I still hadn disclosed to her. canada goose outlet niagara falls It impossible for a health professional to know every little thing you canada goose outlet miami done, so from her perspective I really didn fit the criteria. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Jackets Over the next three years I did every drug I could think of, found a new FP that completely broke me, was hospitalized two more times from suicide attempts and OD hypersexuality that led to an unexpected pregnancy and abortion, alternating between extreme emotions, mania, canada goose outlet online store review depression, quitting jobs, cutting off friends. Canada Goose Jackets

Yeah, we revisited BPD. Once the diagnosis was confirmed then I was introduced to a whole new set of vocabulary that was almost life changing. The puzzle pieces snapped together and things started making sense.

My only stable consolation is that my social phobia overrides my borderline impulse to throw the tantrums I actually want to throw. So everyone knows me as that polite and patient little angel when in actual fact I a passive aggressive bitch who will gladly drown and sink herself if it means I can take you with me.

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Canada canada goose outlet Goose online I am finishing my PhD and currently in Europe on a fellowship. I always excelled at school and jobs. However, all my personal relationships (mainly intimate ones) have been fucked after the first few months. And I literally have no friends. Even now, when I am in a city most would die to visit, I spend the majority of my time alone in my bed, binge watching shows, eating too much, and crying. I notice I am significantly worse at night than during the day. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I think I said the phrase “I just want something good in my life” to my ex like 20 times since I been here. So yeah, we are “high functioning” BPD, until we are not. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

cheap Canada Goose I realize this provides no help to you in anyway and I apologize for that. Perhaps knowing someone else is in the same boat is a small help in some way. cheap Canada Goose

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canada goose store You right. I writing from Italy where despite everything you might be reading about us these days we still have a decent public healthcare system. But it falling to pieces: I used to go to a public mental health center where I could have psychiatric canada goose outlet in canada assessment only for 33 euros, and free meds. I have discovered that this center is going to be closed next year due to lack of public funding. I have to pay 150 euros to see again my psychiatrist, and if I didn have my family supporting me, that would be impossible. canada goose store

No offence, but American private insurance system is one of my worst nightmares.

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I so sorry about your friend. I used to have a friend who was dating someone with schizophrenia and just watching him go through everything was horrible. He canada goose outlet ontario eventually found medication that worked but he seemed so over medicated.

I always wish they would do more research into permanent fixes for certain mental disorders, even if it brain surgery. But I think pharmaceutical companies are perfectly happy with all the money they make on mentally ill people taking all these pills. I do hope they make some big breakthroughs soon with mental health research though. And I hope the stigma on personality disorders get better. Mental health care is way better than it was 50 years ago but it still sucks.

Since those with BPD tend to have a really fragile sense of self, I use that to my advantage when I ready to spiral by binge watching comedies. My life saver was actually Broad City. Binged it this last February after being hospitalized for two weeks with suicidal intent, discharged, and was ready to go on a self destructive literal road trip to California. The show chilled me out and made everything feel like a light hearted sitcom for awhile.

buy canada goose jacket cheap free to message me if you need to. I right now dangling on that same precipice of substance abuse so I feel you. Much love buy canada goose jacket cheap

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I been trying to do my best to no over work myself, but it difficult. I stopped going out with friends so I can prioritize rest, and I have one day set aside for some of my major work projects. Even the, I still find the migraines debilitating. It severely affecting my ability to work :/

uk canada goose outlet I have a referral for a neurologist, which I guessing isn going to do much for me, but I look into other specialists canada goose outlet store uk as well with my doctor. Thank you for the reply! uk canada goose outlet

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As hard as it is to believe it will take more than just snapping once to irreparably damage the relationship. It sounds like you have a lot of things to work through with her. This is a very clear starting point, for both of you, and may have really got the message through. Don feel so bad. Take some time to breathe, recoup, canada goose outlet shop unblock, apologize for what you sorry for, and then be clear that you unhappy and you need more support and more respect of boundaries.

Don feel bad. It sounds like you in a tough spot. Most things are not irreparable as black and white thinking and perfectionism would have us otherwise believe!!

You guys will get through this and honestly, you end up being in a better place. Even if that place means you end up having to move on. But at least you can talk about it now canada goose outlet store calgary.

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