But we’re not sure that’s the case here anyway

Jun 15, 2014

State Of Decay 2 is a shambling mess

moncler factory outlet State Of Decay 2 (XO) it’s not just the zombies that are falling apartOne of the most ambitious open world zombie games finally gets a sequel, and four player co op, but it all comes at a terrible price moncler factory outlet

Why I stopped my son playing Fortnite Reader’s FeatureNo matter how good a game may be you still always end up fantasising what it would be like if it was even better. More levels, better graphics, improved artificial intelligence even if a game is state of the art your imagination will always exceed the limitations of current technology. But the most common wish for many recent games is simply that they be properly finished. Given the fact that many of the most popular titles today (Fortnite and PUBG to name but two) are unashamedly incomplete it often seems a forlorn hope, but it does affect some games more than others.

cheap moncler jackets The first State Of Decay was released as long ago now as 2013, and it was very much at the vanguard of today’s unfortunate tolerance for unfinished games. Its central idea, of surviving a zombie apocalypse by maintaining a whole community of survivors, was appealing enough that nobody seemed to care that it was filled with game ruining bugs and that the combat, driving, and mission design was awful. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet jackets State Of Decay 2 is almost exactly the same game, but to its credit it has fixed most of the gameplay problems moncler sale from the original. It hasn’t added much new on top, but fighting and driving is now enjoyable in its own right. But the technical problems still remain. The graphics are terrible, the artificial intelligence is almost cheap moncler outlet non existent, and it’s so full of bugs it’s like visiting the insect house at London Zoo. And yet we’re still not sure most fans are really going to care. moncler outlet jackets

Just as in the first game, State Of Decay 2 is set years after a zombie apocalypse, when society has completely collapsed. You start off in a small, poorly equipped shelter and have to maintain and expand your settlement across the open world map. It’s essentially a survival game, but on the scale of a small community rather than just a single person. And just like a survival game that means ensuring a regular supply of food and equipment is just as important as fighting monsters.

Since there’s little in the way of overriding story it at first seems there’s little reason to moncler mens jackets venture outside your base, especially as it has to be regularly defended from roaming gangs of zombies. But while you can grow your own food and manufacture your own weapons that takes time and resources, and buy moncler jackets the latter can only be found by cheap moncler coats scavenging. Lots of scavenging.

moncler outlet State Of Decay 2’s most significant addition to the original’s set up is the advanced base building options and a new element called moncler outlet sale the blood plague, which can infect any of your cheap moncler characters and creates super strong zombies. The plague is propagated by giant beating hearts that lurk within buildings and other difficult to reach places, and are the first thing that needs to be cheap moncler jackets cleared moncler outlet store out when establishing a new base. moncler outlet

moncler outlet online State Of Decay 2 (XO) wait a cheap moncler sale minute and this’ll moncler sale outlet probably start flying through the airYou wouldn’t design a whole game around it, but the combat and driving are now perfectly acceptable, with the latter making running zombies over, often by opening the door to ram them in the head, one of the game’s more enjoyable diversions. The third person moncler outlet online combat is very simplistic but the range of weapons and explosives keeps things interesting enough, even if some of the faster moving zombies can be a pain to deal with. moncler outlet online

moncler jackets outlet The most enjoyable aspect of the game though is the base building, which comes across almost like a post apocalyptic version of The Sims. In fact, having said that, we can’t help but think the whole game would’ve been better if that’s exactly what it was, because monitoring the health and morale of your community and constructing new facilities and buildings is very intriguing. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet sale Everyone has their own personality and upgradeable skills, and you soon gain favourites and are tempted to cheer when someone you don’t like is killed. But the illusion that these are anything close to real people soon evaporates when you realise that, thanks to the terrible artificial intelligence, they won’t don’t anything useful unless you’re controlling them directly not even defend the base properly. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler outlet This also lessens the impact of having to interact with other groups of survivors, which if they turn hostile can be a bigger threat than the zombies. But The Walking Dead style human conflict this hints at never really materialises and once you’ve done a few fetch quests for them, or you’ve exterminated their limited supply of soldiers, they quickly become neutered. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet store The bugs and glitches are so numerous and varied that they almost loop round to being a genuinely enjoyable part of the game, as you sit and wonder what will monlcer down jackets go wrong next. It’ll certainly keep YouTube busy for the foreseeable future , as you watch characters and vehicles get stuck in scenery Moncler Outlet , invisible walls appear and disappear at random, zombies fall from the sky like rain, cars levitate strangely through the air, and computer controlled allies disappear for a whole mission and yet somehow provide commentary the whole time. moncler outlet store

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The many deaths of video games Reader’s Feature

cheap moncler Majority of parents let their kids play 18 rated games reveals survey cheap moncler

Those sort of problems can be amusing but with the game constantly at risk of a total existence failure it often seems pointless to even try to play it properly. The four player co op almost seems made for this, but the online lag combined with a frustrating tethering system, which sees you being snapped back towards the host’s location if you wander any distance from them, means even that works nowhere near as well as it should.

cheap moncler jackets sale We’re getting tired of ending a review by saying that a game shows plenty of promise and will probably be very good in a few months, when it’s working properly. But we’re not sure that’s the case here anyway. The game is so broken it seems impossible to imagine that it’s going to be in proper working order in any kind of sensible time frame, especially considering the state the first game was left in. cheap moncler jackets sale

In Short: The State Of Decay concept still holds plenty of promise but this sequel is so broken that laughing at its bugs and glitches becomes its primary source of entertainment.

Pros: The set up might be the same as the first game but it’s still an intriguing one, and the base building and people management shows great promise. Competent combat and driving mechanics.

cheap moncler coats Cons: The game is so riddled with bugs and patently unfinished it’s impossible to imagine it ever working as intended. Missions still lack variety and the tethering and lag ruins the co op options. cheap moncler coats

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