Cochrane will attempt the senior hurdles double in two weeks

Jun 2, 2014

As Spring arrives and the trees are budding, people’s thoughts are on getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. It is at this time that many people try their hands at a little gardening. For most people, the first fruit or vegetable that comes to mind is the tomato.

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Cochrane’s time is an A qualifier for the World Student Games later this year and is just 0.47 seconds away from the B qualifier for the Moscow world champs. He is now the country’s third fastest ever in the event. Cochrane will attempt the senior hurdles double in two weeks at the New Zealand championships..

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Hope to bring many more laurels to the country and inspire many kids to take up Test cricket, which is paramount for cricket to sustain globally and in our country. Whoever is there I would urge them, want them to take up fake ysl glasses Test cricket. My message to all the youngsters coming up in Delhi circles is to take up the longer format..

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