it started booting all slow again (I suppose switching the

Aug 24, 2014

PC takes several tries to boot in mornings

moncler jackets outlet After doing this the PC loaded real slow. I’ve got a 650W Antec Signature with 3 rails. I thought maybe I’m overloading a rail? I’m not sure. it started booting all slow again (I suppose switching the cables resulted in a fix by coincidence before?) and it took ages to get past the Asus Motherboard’s ‘Loading Gateway Express’ screen (Asus P7P55D LE) and it cheap moncler jackets slowly progressed through the post screen. I hit the reset after that and it booted normally then. Windows gave me option to run windows repair. I did that, but nothing was done and I simply returned to using Windows 7 normally. I reset the PC and am given the option to run windows repair while it boots up again. I choose the repair option but it just gives me an error and a blue screen after it ‘scans’ for a while. Oh man. Seems to be just in the mornings?Is this somehow related to the PSU? Does it take time to get all cheap moncler coats the juice to the PC? Could it be the motherboard? Is it temperature related since it usually resolves itself for the moncler mens jackets day after being on for a while (it’s not really that cold here though)? Speedfan reports all temps on all HDDs and Cores are around 30 when it does load. although, now that you mention it, I do remember installing moncler sale the Asus TurboV program which seems to change clock frequencies ‘on the fly’. I’ve ran Oblivion and Fallout 3 at 1920×1200 with everything to max and even recording with fraps at 60fps at full res. Compressing videos doesn’t seem to cause any instabilities moncler outlet store either. I suspect only after a long time off (over the nights) is when the problem moncler outlet re occurs. monlcer down jackets Hence the weird idea that things need to ‘warm up’. I’ll probably give the MemOK button a try too on the mobo. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale There haven’t been any problems with the HDDs as far cheap moncler sale as I have noticed. They show up fine and I’ve been using them alot. the circular sticker on the paper cover that surround the box was cut (as seen in the 1st picture on this page: EDIT: Just tried connecting the modular cable with the HDDs on it to the first PSU socket again and it’s working fine. so the PSU seems to be in working order. Unless it requires some amount of time to get going from when it’s been turned off a long time. Or the same thing applies to the HDDs. turning it off for a few hours doesn’t seem to invoke the same behaviour. I cleared the CMOS and did the MemOK configuration. So if it doesn’t boot tomorrow with the HDDs being disconnected as well then it’ll have to be the PSU or Mobo. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet jackets Alright, it always fails to boot ONCE everyday. Could it. Possibly. Be just a faulty power on switch? In both cases? moncler outlet jackets

moncler jacket sale I’ve collected some of the solutions others have posted for this problem. They vary wildly, and still don’t work for everyone:1. Update BIOS2. Set RAM values manually, that the board trying to find the right V and timings caused it to reboot. Set: V, Frequency, and Timing.3. A couple people said setting the Vcore manually fixed their problem. One person said they pulled the PSU plugs off the motherboard and reseated them. The problem went away, and they noticed that the Vcore, though on Auto, was running a tad bit higher after they reseated the PSU then it was before. 4. Another person I tried to help last fall told me Gigabyte informed him he needed an ATX v2.3 PSU and when he got one the problem went away.5. Turn off Legacy USB support in the BIOS.6. Replace RAM with a different set. moncler jacket sale

moncler sale outlet Thanks for the help guys. so here’s today’s update:Flashing the BIOS didn’t help solve it. It just loaded up to the ‘starting windows/welcome” screen and was at a lower resolution than normal. But how do I know what to set my Vcore to? Could it also perhaps be that there is static building up and messing things?EDIT: RAM voltage/timing/frequency seem to be fine. I checked with CPU z as well. I recall hearing something like that could cause problems. Without fail, every morning. Subsequent boots from that crash will works fine all day long and the PC runs flawlessly without a single error. I thought maybe it had to do with the fancy demand based outputs from the PSU, where the output section is only turned on when the PSU detects a connected load. For example, sequencing the startup of multiple power sources, or dealing with irregular sequencing, is critical to avoid latch up. The PSU and motherboard voltage regulators must also deal with high inrush currents at startup and be sure to not trip overcurrent protection or allow component operation until the regulators have stabilized. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler I’m still not convinced that it’s a PSU problem. It just seems to me that there is a conflict of some sort between the two hard drives ( if I read this correctly, you are running 2 of them, aren’t you? ). If so, are you running in RAID? If not, to me, it seems the 2 hard drives can’t assemble Windows 7 because it’s not sure which drive to look at first, as if it says ” I don’t know where all of my program is” then gives up and sits on cheap moncler outlet a blue screen. It might depend on which drive it looks at first on boot up which might explain why everything works on 2nd boot. Windows might say “there is part of my program, and, oh, I sent the other part on the second drive, let me go get it from there.” then everything runs fine. To me, if it were a PSU problem, you wouldn’t even make it to the BIOS screen. cheap moncler

cheap moncler outlet Ah, I’ve been distracted a few days. So it’s moncler sale outlet merely on for just 4 or 5 seconds. It was doing this itself sometimes when it reaches a blank skyblue screen. but I’ve only just noticed that restarts alone don’t solve it. so I guess we can rule out any ‘warming up’ of components or transistors or whatever?Also I’ve ruled out the harddrives on the 4th day or something, I disconnected the additional 2 the night before and the error still came the day after. Win7 is just installed on one HDD. I don’t have any RAID setups. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet online JDFan said: moncler outlet online

moncler outlet store Just a thought but are you turning the PSU on and then starting up the system right away?? Some PSU’s require a minute or so to warm up from a cold state and it might be that the PSU is not providing enough power to boot the first time try turning on the PSU a couple minutes before trying to boot tomorrow and see if it will then boot the first try. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler coats Unlikely. PSU’s have a PowerOK circuit that will not let you boot until all the outputs are good. Noarms, Make sure your case power switch is good. Wait 10 seconds. Turn it back on. Try to boot. If cheap moncler it works, you have a problem with the PSU standby circuits. Try another PSU. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler jackets I’ve tried switching the case power button cables and it’s still the same as always. I also see it does not have a conclusion. Noarms Moncler Outlet , did you ever fix the problem and if so what was the problem? I am having the exact same problem and my guess is it is power related. I have changed the motherboard over time and buy moncler jackets the problem persists. In fact the only thing that I have not changed are the hard drives , DVDROM, PSU and the chassis itself. I suspect it might be my case though. Either that or the PSU. I have a Thermaltake Toughpower moncler outlet online 750W. I am interested in trying one or two suggestions above to see if it narrows down my problem of cold booting. It is a real pain as sometimes I turn on the PC and go do something only to return to find it at that Windows repair screen cheap moncler jackets.

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