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Climate Activists Launch 30-Foot Inflatable Bomb Near West Point

Ellen Davidson Sep 10, 2014

Canoers from SeaChange 2014, activists from Veterans For Peace, and inflatable art creators Tools for Action launched a 30-foot inflatable bomb over the Hudson River in Garrison, NY, across from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Lettering on the side of the blimp read "U.S. Military: Largest Consumer of Oil, Largest Emitter of CO2." The blimp was created for the Sept. 21, 2014, People's Climate March in New York City with the intention of drawing attention to the role of war and the military in contributing to climate change and other environmental problems. While the Pentagon refuses to release fuel usage data, it's been estimated that the U.S. military is responsible for five percent of total global greenhouse emissions, making it the largest institutional polluter in the world.

SeaChange 2014 is a flotilla of canoes, some made from paper, on a two-week trip down the Hudson holding educational events along the way. "On this voyage we will be visiting communities and ecosystems along the river and convening feasts and dialogs to open a channel for conversation about what is causing our local, global, ecological, and social degradation, and how we can cultivate resilience and resistance. No one is alone in this struggle; we all live downstream," say organizers of the flotilla.



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