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#GreensvsWFP: What’s Your 2014 Election Prediction?

The Indypendent Staff Oct 30, 2014

As Election Day approaches in the New York's governor's race, progressives across the state are furiously debating whether to vote for Howie Hawkins of the Greens or for Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families Party ballot line. How many votes will the Greens and the Working Families Party each get? The Indypendent is sponsoring a #GreensvsWFP contest for lefty election junkies to test their political savvy. Use the form below to predict how many votes the two parties will receive respectively without going over on the final vote total for either. The 2010 vote totals for both parties also appear in the form below.

The first-place finisher wins bragging rights plus two free annual subscriptions and an Indypendent T-shirt, or a $100 credit toward a future ad buy for yourself or your organization in the print or online edition of our publication. To enter, see the form below.

Good Luck,

The Indy Team

To participate, please fill out the form below. The competition will close on Nov. 4 at 6 pm. 


Competition is closed. Results will be announced later this week.


Meet Howie Hawkins, the Anti-Cuomo
By John Tarleton


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