But understandably trans individuals should still be able to

Dec 23, 2014

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moncler coats outlet Among men, you gain a performance/competitive advantage against other men taking estrogen moncler outlet store over 30. They had this kid who was clearly like 14 at least compete against a 9 year old. The 9 year old got smoked obviously and you could see on moncler outlet uk his face how moncler outlet online bullshit he thought it was lol, I felt so bad for himI thought it was extra fucked up cheap moncler jackets because they hyped these competitions up for moncler outlet sale these kids and they were so excited to be there,it almost seemed like they were doing it on purpose for viewsThe rules surrounding this ought to get sorted out sooner rather than later, because I seen a few such cases now and they always stir up quite the controversy.Anyone claiming that trans women have no biological advantage is wrong, full stop, because permanent developmental changes on a musculoskeletal level cannot be undone by HRT.But understandably trans individuals should still be able to compete.Realistically the only way to solve this issue fairly to me looks like a completely separate league for trans competitors, but that an impossibility given their numbers.Having them compete as their biological sex is probably the only viable solution, but it obviously also unfair to trans individuals since they be handicapped from HRT. moncler coats outlet

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