It is possible, however, for someone to get into an industry

Dec 26, 2014

Not so much. See, while the proliferation of calculated win probabilities as part of football analysis can be helpful and make for cool looking graphs (like the wild one above), it also can lead to fan complacency. That 97 percent is a comforting number, but what it means is that, three times out of a hundred, the outcome is not the one it appears to ensure.

Often times, though, students have desires and aspirations for a job in an industry that isn’t closely aligned with their degree. Pursuing their respective dream jobs can often appear as a daunting task, because of a perceived non alignment between their degree and the requirements they believe they need to have for a job in the industry. It is possible, however, for someone to get into an industry without following a traditional career path.

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3. The journey of economic reforms during the past few years has been challenging but rewarding. As a result of the reforms undertaken by the government, foreign direct investment has gone up. Maybe he just hasn’t met the right vegetarian yet. Maybe he hasn’t wanted to. Or maybe his are the views of a food world dinosaur.

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