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The Best of 2014: 52 Reasons to Support the Indy!

Indypendent Staff Dec 30, 2014

Check out 52 of The Indypendent’s best articles and interviews from 2014 – one for each week of the year. We’re beginning our 15th anniversary year and have lots of exciting plans in the works. But first, we need your support now. Please give $25, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more. We operate on a modest budget. Whatever you can do makes a big difference. 

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"Elderly Evictions: Assisted Living Residents Refuse to Make Way for Luxury Condos" by Alex Ellefson

"Crown Heights Tenant Union Shows The Way" by Alex Ellefson

"Vanishing New York: An Interview with Jeremiah Moss" by Giulia Olsson

"A Tale of Two Housing Plans" by Tom Angotti

"Homeless Folks Have Real Solutions to the Housing Crisis" by Arvernetta Henry, Scott Hutchins, Lynn Lewis, Felipe Martinez, Sam J. Miller, Marcus Moore & Stanley Stevenson



"Take the Chains Off: The Struggle for Racial Justice Continues" by Nicholas Powers

"Thousands Turn Out For Ferguson October" by Ellen Davidson

"NYPD Unreformed" by Nick Malinowski

"Will New Subway Car Cameras Do More Harm Than Good?" by Rebeca Ibarra

"Web Exclusive: Stacking the Legal Deck" by Ann Schneider

"Freedom Bound: Museum Explores Brooklyn's Antislavery Role" by Mike Newton



"Learning Lessons for Next Keystone XL Battle" by Peter Rugh

"Mayday for the Planet: Climate Change Resistance in Bushwick" by John Tarleton

"Step Up New York! Sept. 21 Is a Day for NYCers To Be Heard" by Bill McKibben

"Why We March: Five Individuals Share Their Stories" by Rebeca Ibarra & Alina Mogilyanskaya

"Interview: Naomi Klein Breaks a Taboo" by John Tarleton

"Greening the Union Label: Zero Carbon Future Could Be a Jobs Bonanza" by Steven Wishnia

"My Night In Jail With Flood Wall Street" by John Tarleton



"Immigrants on ICE: Obama Plan Still Leaves Many Worried" by Alina Mogilyanskaya

"When Tips Are Not Enough" by Eleanor J. Bader

"Sanitation Workers: You Gotta Love Them" by Michael Hirsch

"NYC Ready for Municipal ID" by Alina Mogilyanskaya

"Rallies, Blockades, Hunger Strikes Greet Deportation Milestone" by Renee Feltz



"NYC’s Vanishing Hospitals" by Peter Rugh

"Remembering St. Vincent's" by Gary Schoichet

"Obamacare’s Empty Victory" by Margaret Flowers

"An Educator in Charge: Can Carmen Fariña 'Put the Joy' Back in Education?" by Brian Jones

"The Common Core and Its Discontents" by Owen Davis

"Tested by Language" by Emily Giles and Rosie Frascella



"After the Climate March, What's Next?" by Kim Fraczek, Sandy Nurse & Zak Solomon, Pennie Opal Plant, Blake Sugarman & Mark Haim

"1st Person: This Jew Can't Support Israel" by Ellen Davidson

"Hold the Hummus: BDS Campaign Gaining Ground" by Alex Kane

"The Brecht Forum, 1975–2014" by John Tarleton

"Meet Howie Hawkins, the Anti-Cuomo" by John Tarleton



"A Combat Medic’s Story" by Jenny Pacanowski

"Venezuela Backlash: Protesters’ Tactics Cause Support to Wane" by Ewan Robertson

"Mexico Unrest: Disappearance of 43 College Students Drives Protests" by Laura Carlsen

"Fear Factor: Ebola and the Politics of Paranoia" by Nicholas Powers

"France vs. Haute Finance" by Anna Polonyi

​"Revisiting the Arab Spring" by David Enders

"Ukraine Divided: Why This Former Soviet Republic Can't Choose Between East & West" by Irina Ivanova



"‘There Was No One For Me To Turn To’" by Alina Mogilyanskaya

"Now All Men" by Nicholas Powers

"#YesAllWomen" by Alina Mogilyanskaya

"White Men's Rage" by Harriet Fraad

"The Power of Queer Books" by Jessica Max Stein





"Why I Yelled at the Kara Walker Exhibition" by Nicholas Powers

"The Fanon Phenomenon: Documentary Unearths Africa's Anti-Colonial Struggles" by Kazembe Balagun

"Katniss Everdeen: Feminist Action Hero" by Rebeca Ibarra

​"Questioning the Internet: Astra Taylor Takes on Silicon Valley Cheerleaders" by Bennett Baumer

"Forget the Super Bowl, Here's a Dream Team of NFL Non-Conformists" by John Tarleton

"Murals in NYC: Filling Public Space With Beauty" by Mike Newton

"All the Parking Lot Is a Stage: Shakespeare in the LES" by Ashley Marinaccio

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