The question is whether the game is designed in a way to allow

Jan 24, 2015

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replica handbags online Hopefully if the game is balanced well as a “life sim” then life will get easier as players learn the game replica bags china and more advanced technology is available. It already works this way on a very small scale as an Eve you probably won have time to build steel tools but a couple generations down the line you have specialized professions and the smith has time to work on tools while the farmers and cooks provide food.The question is whether the game is designed in a way to allow for conflict to occur. How do you find potential civilizations to raid will there be a cartography system? Are there enough horses to allow fast travel of “armies” between settlements?As it is now, you still need to spend too much time on food.Ideally, if everyone is pulling their weight, you need one or two people on the compost cycle which generates extra gooseberries, carrots, wheat, and you can add in some beans and squash to make stew which iirc has 16 uses and restores nearly a full adult entire food bar.1 chef making eggs, pies, kebabs, etc.1 smith replica handbags online.

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