Which if diagnosed she surly would have been given straight

Feb 8, 2015

Of course, losing money isn the only reason that Orton would return to the Cowboys. In June, the Cowboys will hold its mandatory mini camp in which a $70,000 fine is levied against those who don show up. If Orton doesn want to be fined, he will show up for practice at that time..

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Sepsis as another user has already said is treated by antibiotics. Which if diagnosed she surly would have been given straight away. There isn’t a cure all when it comes to antibiotics and unfortunately there isn’t any guarantees that they will work, if they don’t.

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But im very confident that isnt the case here. Its brown. He just isnt saying anything and letting them do whatever the fuck they want. “You don want to work, you just wants to make noise. You want to control the narrative. Your career in the NFL is over”.

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