They offer a safe forum for checking in with our shared dream

Sep 20, 2015

go right here Check out /r/Clickshaming and /r/AntiAssholeDesign as well!They ruined Kerbal Space Program (or at least are attempting to) after taking over the indie development company that originally wrote the game. Now, instead of fixing bugs and developing new features they started adding paid DLC that just does what free mods have offered for years now. GTA online is the most profitable piece of entertainment EVER and he said “we still think there more wood to chop, if anything we under monetizing it.

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This only works if you didn’t carry a balance the previous month. If you were carrying a balance, then interest accrues and applies the second any new charges hit your card. So if you carry a balance from month 1 over to month 2, just paying the “total due” on the month 2 statement will still leave you with interest charges and you will not have a grace period on new purchases.

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Don’t know where the days go, but take each day as it comes and prioritize what needs to be done that day and do as my time and energy allows. I started this group with best intentions of being more active and stimulating conversations that would be useful to all. To that end, I’m hoping ya’ll will post ideas about all working together to fulfill our goals to promote more Post Polio awareness globally.

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The first summer we were at GTMO, we went back to the States for about 2 weeks. Dad wasn able to get the time off, so Mom and the 3 of us (15, 13, and 11) went. We flew into Jacksonville, where Mom rented a car and we drove out to Oklahoma to visit all of our relatives.

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I think a lot of people misunderstand or misuse the story of the Ugly Duckling and attempt to make it into a story that all about some show you who ugly! who you call ugly in middle school revenge bullshit. But the reality is that the story was supposed to communicate that everyone is different and that they have different metrics by which they are to be measured. It a story that the same as you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree he will believe he an idiot his whole life.

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