“She moved to Seattle for college and fell in love with the city

Nov 19, 2015

Will conservatives deport these robots as well. This is the new face of unethical capitalism that conservatives love free labor. Conservatives talk about anti communism yet they love to use the sweat shops in those countries to turn a bigger profit selling cheaply made junk at a premium.

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I grabbed all my shit and moved to HED GP; when I got there They sold me a contract for a RLM caracal, I said “shit 40 million is a lot” on mumble and I got 5 donations from waffles and PL guys saying welcome. I was blown away skip forward a day or two and I join my first fleet; it just so happens that the first FC I ended up flying with was Grath in a Rattlesnake. Don think I could walk away from eve now after those experiences.

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