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Indypendent Staff Dec 31, 2015

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NYC Neighborhoods, Housing & Gentrification

A Tale of Two Bronxes: De Blasio Gives Progressive Gentrification a Progressive Spin
by Aaron Miguel Cantú

Turning Libraries into Condos
by Peter Rugh

De Blasio’s Housing Plan Is All About the Money
by Tom Angotti

While Sheldon Silver Lined His Pockets, Tenants Lost Out
by Steven Wishnia

All Systems Go at Mayday Community Space
by John Tarleton

Vision Zero: The Road Forward
by Janaki Chadha


Police, Civil Rights & Criminal Justice

Baltimore, After the Riots
by Shawn Carrié

Prevent Police Killings Before They Happen
by Heidi Boghosian

What the NYPD Slowdown Revealed
by Aaron Miguel Cantú

The Liberal Solution to Police Violence: Restoring Trust Will Ensure More Obedience
by Stuart Schrader

The Poor Man’s Lawyer: New Caseload Caps Give Public Defenders a Fighting Chance
by Rebeca Ibarra


Race in America

White Anxiety: Rachel Dolezal, Dylann Roof and the Future of Race in America
by Nicholas Powers

Black Love Matters
by Messiah Rhodes

How to Make Sense of Anti-Latino Racism
by Linda Martín Alcoff

Photo Essay: When Existence is Resistance
by Ashley Marinaccio

The Future of Whiteness: An Interview with Linda Martín Alcoff
by Don Jackson


Education, Labor & Immigrant Rights

Cuomo, Corporate Reformers Take Aim at Experienced Educators
by George Joseph and John Tarleton

Test Mania: Preparing Students for Life Under Modern Capitalism
by Bertell Ollman

Putting CUNY Out of Reach: As Tuition Increases, State Funding Falls Short
by Alex Ellefson

Biting the Hands That Feed: New York’s Immigrant Farmworkers Face Appalling Treatment
by Leanne Tory-Murphy

Photo Essay: Trapped in a Model Minority Myth
by Cynthia Trinh

Immigrant Rights ‘Bump in the Road’
by Alina Mogilyanskaya


Energy, Environment & Political Economy

Beach Town vs. Big Energy
by Alex Ellefson

New York Is Ready for Renewables
by Peter Rugh

‘We Are Next’: California Looks to Follow New York’s Fracking Ban
by Jimmy Tobias

Born to Be a Crony Capitalist: Here’s How Donald Trump Really Got Rich
by Peter Rugh

IOU: How Debt Defines the New Millennium
by Nicholas Powers

Power Outage: Why Left Governments Falter Once in Office
by Stanley Aronowitz



Fleeing War, Syrian Refugees Trek Across a Wary Continent
by Shawn Carrié

Venezuela at an Impasse  
by Z.C. Dutka

Life in a Polyrhythmic, Insurgently Evolving Cuba
by Conor Tomás Reed

In Colombia, Resisting Gentrification at Gunpoint
by Lisa Taylor

Photo Essay: Spain’s Democratic Uprising
by Robert Pluma

Interview: Iyad Burnat on Palestinian Resistance and the Meaning of Freedom
by Alina Mogilyanskaya


War & Peace

In the War on Terror, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure
by Matt Shuham

9/11 Changed My Life: Here’s What We Still Have Not Learned
by Tanya Thurman

Explaining the Rise of ISIS
by Bradley Williams

How the Tsarnaev Brothers Became the Boston Marathon Bombers        
by Maria Vassileva  

Don’t Thank Me for My Service
by Doug Rawlings


Gender Equality

What’s a Feminist to Do?: Clinton’s Run Surfaces Issues of Race, Gender and Class
by Linda Martín Alcoff

Would You Let These Men Control Your Uterus?
by Amy Littlefield

The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Is a Familiar Figure
by Ann Schneider


Arts, Culture & Independent Media

Birth of a Nation
by Don Jackson

What Did Herman Wallace Dreams of During 41 Years in Solidary? A House  
by Michael Steven Smith 

The Red Decade: Art with a Gritty Heart
by Gerald Meyer

When TV Was Daring and Radical, Sort Of
by Mike Newton

What Should I Do About Daddy’s Blood-Stained Fortune?
by David Meadow

Making One of Life’s Big Choices
by Bennett Baumer

Court-Sanctioned Corruption and Plutocracy in America
by Michael Hirsch

How to Build a Radical Newspaper in 15 Steps
by John Tarleton

Indy at 15: Getting the Paper Started
by Ana Nogueira

The Insider’s View: Indymedia & Occupy
by Matt Wasserman


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