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2016 Election Coverage

Information and analysis from the grassroots

By Indypendent Staff Apr 1, 2016

This Single Working Mama Demands Single Payer and Sanders for President
by Priscilla Grim

Clinton Aide Takes a Swing at Brooklyn Bernie…and Misses
By Jesse Rubin

I Hosted a Phone Bank for Bernie at My Home in Brooklyn: Here’s What I Learned
by Nancy Romer

What I’m Learning As I Canvass for Bernie
by Mark Haim

What’s a Feminist to To Do: Clinton’s Run Surfaces Issues of Race, Gender and Class
by Linda Martín Alcoff

Hillary Clinton Is the Candidate of the War Machine
by Jeffrey Sachs

Born to Be a Crony Capitalist: Here’s How Donald Trump Really Got Rich
By Peter Rugh

Funding the ‘Political Revolution’ $27 at a Time
By Matt Shuham

Occupy the Party: The Sanders Campaign Is Changing Our Sense of What Is Politically Possible
By Not an Alternative

Free College for All: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Again)
By Stephen Brier

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