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Bernie is Bae

who knew I was into old men

Nicholas Powers Apr 19, 2016

Who knew I was into old men?

I have my fetishes. Hot candle wax. Flogging. Golden Showers. 

(giving not receiving) High Heels. OPP. (you know me)

But not old men, especially old rich white men, my whole life

they have been my enemy, staring down from shiny offices

in tall skyscrapers, overseeing the world they own and everybody 

in it, including me, they own me. 


I hate them. I don't want to touch or be touched by them, ew. 

Old rich white men, vultures of capital, eating the yolk of unborn

dreams. Old rich white men, picking bones out of my family album. 


And then you came, Bernie, yelling from the wasteland we call home

you, angry and hopeful, voice like sandpaper on media, scraping it raw. 

Bernie your wrinkled whiteness was a pass to the Old Boys Club, they 

eagerly waited to induct you with one backroom handshake. 


Instead you got all Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekial on them. Instead you

said no more, never again, fuck this, I've seen this before in childhood

stories of Pharaohs crushing slaves to dust. My family, you said, was 

dust in the Holocaust. 


Who knew it would be you? Your mouth a megaphone for the voiceless. 

Who knew, I'd be into some alone time with you, in a voting booth?


What I know is that I've been a slave so long, I painted my chains

gold to pretend I'm free. I got a key but it opens their locks. And they

have the key to my chains. Can you hear the metal falling?

It sounds good. Like making love in public. Like making justice sweat. 


You make me sweat Bernie. You make me see things. You are Beyonce's 

diamond dress on the statue of liberty. Glittery freedom for the lost. 

You're the Mr. Drummond of my Different Strokes saying, "It's okay, 

Arnold you'll never live in the projects again." 

You are a Jewish prophet breaking bread for people, saying we can end

the endless war as a bird blesses your speech. 

You are Darth Vader's apology to his son for the mask he wore, the masks

we all wear because we're scarred by Empire.

You flew the American eagle to snatch Trumps hair off so he'll chase it

instead of chasing us out of the country. 


I'm into you boy, I think you're doing great things. I think you're cute. 

The people think so to, we took you and remade you, lovingly

into Hotline Bling Bernie, Soul Train Bernie, Gay Pride Bernie, Founding 

Father Bernie, you are a clay doll shaped by millions of hands into a Janus

statue entering the parade, we dance around you, boy, into history

because we're into age play. 


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