Humans of The Battle of New York

A small army of distributors helped moved special edition in the final week before New York's April 19 presidential primary.

Indypendent Staff Apr 22, 2016

The Indypendent and The Occupied Wall Street Journal teamed up to publish The Battle of New York. We were able to distribute hundreds of thousands of copies of the paper in the week before Tuesday's primary with the help of volunteers across the city and state. While Bernie Sanders did not win in New York, the success of this people-powered project provided a glimpse into what a "political revolution" might look and feel like.


A Battle of New York reader browses the paper on April 13 while waiting to enter a Washington Square Park rally for Bernie Sanders that drew 27,000 people, according to the campaign. Thousands of people left that evening with copies of the paper to share with friends, neighbors and classmates.


Jessie Rubin of The Indypendent staff distributes The Battle of New York in Jackson Heights, Queens.


Some of the people we met mentioned that they had missed The Occupied Wall Street Journal.



The Battle of New York got to the #Renterspower2016 retreat in Chicago organized by Right to the City.


John Tarleton, Editor of The Indypendent, distributes The Battle of New York at Union Square on the day before the New York primary.


The Battle of New York was distributed in various subway stations in New York's five boroughs.


Some of the younger ones join the distribution squad.


Solidarity Movers distributed a van full of papers to towns and cities across central and southern New York. They also helped us move truckloads of papers around the  city under often daunting circumstances.


Daniel distributes the paper at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, NY.


Zac, David, Jed and John hand out The Battle of New York in front of the delivery truck that brought 75,000 copies of the paper to the April 13 rally at Washington Square Park.


Rio of Solidarity Movers during his upstate delivery run.


The Battle of New York supports striking Verizon workers


Catching up on the news.


“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”


The Battle of New York’s, four-page, extra large broadsheet format added to the paper’s visual impact.

Ready for a political revolution.


Speaking to a moment.


Priscilla Grim and Jed Brandt, Editors of The Occupied Wall Street Journal.


More young ones on the squad.


Sharing The Battle of New York with NYC subway commuters.
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