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The Gay Sura: Re-Writing the Koran

What if the Pulse victims could re-write the Koran?

Nicholas Powers Jun 30, 2016


1.1  Inside the name of Allah, there is no God. Just a mirror in the sky. We search for the Unseen parts of ourselves. Turning our vision to Emptiness, we bring forth a Holy Face. Who will tell us what it says?

1.2  They ask, O Prophet how do we measure our depths when our face is a dot in the multitude? How do we revere the soul that seeks to be poured from body to body? Clerics gave us Law. It bound our limbs in fear. It filtered touch through unreachable ideals. It cast a shadow on the senses.

1.3  The Law, I say, is the corruption of being. Those above you, divide you from yourself, cast this part to the dogs, that part to the altar. I say abandon Houses of Worship for open spaces; wild forest and wine stained tables, drumming and dusty feet, painted faces and star gazing, above all, make a temple of your body.

1.4  The soul flows through portals of pleasure. It streams from eye to eye, voice to ear, mouth to mouth, hand to hand, mouth to cock, cock to clit, clit to clit, cock to anus, hand to clit, mouth to anus, mouth to clit. It fills nameless depths. It slakes our thirst to be larger. We drink each other, bitter and sweet.

1.5  Allah says to follow the blind kiss for it is lightning in the dark sea.

1.6  Allah says to house the orphan body in Love. Praise its nakedness with your nakedness. Untie the scars from the skin with your tongue.   

1.7  Allah says to bless the whore and whoremonger for they are the angels of play. Allow the solitary their solitude, they are flowers waiting for dawn. Honor men loving men and women loving women for they give the sky its colors.

1.8  Allah is every constellation of love you can draw between stars, erased by fear and drawn again in longing. True scripture is written with touch. Your skin is endless space.

1.9  Behold your body is the fountainhead of the self. 



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