Survival Guides for Life in Trump’s America

Issue 219

The Indypendent Staff Nov 20, 2016

Almost immediately after election night, two Google Docs offering resources to help prepare for Trump’s presidency — let’s call them open source survival guides — started circulating on the web; one began by Ariel Federow, a Brooklyn based-performance artist, another is from Boston attorney Kara Hurvitz.

Thousands of people have since contributed. In another era such documents might have been passed from neighbor to neighbor, comrade to comrade, xeroxed pages with notes scribbled in the margins. Thankfully, we have the internet. 

Together with the protests and organizing meetings underway across the country these survival guides are a testament to our communal ingenuity in times of crisis, which gives us hope. 

In the survival guides readers will find information on self-defense, how to respond to acts of intimidation and harassment, immigration and civil liberty legal aid, mental health, food security, preventing internet surveillance and receiving medical care such as hormone treatments, long-term birth control and abortions.

You’ll find the fruits of the collective endeavor Federow kicked off HERE

Hurvitz document, “Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January 2017’s Change in American Government” can be accessed HERE.

— Indypendent Staff

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