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The Best of The Indy’s Election Coverage

Highlights from a year of hope, fear and resistance

Indy Staff Nov 2, 2016

It's been, at turns, a strange, hopeful and horrific election season but it will draw to a close on Nov. 8, this Tuesday. Perhaps you are already asking yourself how we got in this mess. Here's a look back at The Indy's campaign coverage over the past year as we documented the many faces of Hillary, the rise of The Donald and how socialism became a word you can say in public again thanks to a grandpa from Brooklyn.  

October 2015

Born to Be a Crony Capitalist: How Donald Trump Really Got Rich By Peter Rugh


What's a Feminist to Do? Clinton's Run Surfaces Issues of Race, Gender and Class By Linda Martin Alcoff


November 2015


Socialism: No Longer a Dirty Word By Michael Steven Smith


February 2016


Funding the ‘Political Revolution’ $27 at a Time By Matt Shuham


March 2016


The Democrats, The Black Vote And The Politics of Fear By Glen Ford


April 2016


Battle of New York (Special Issue with Occupied Wall Street Journal)

May 2016


My Third-Degree Bern: Hope in a Time of Crisis By Nicholas Powers


They Lit the Bern, What Comes Next? By John Tarleton


June 2016

Did Identity Politics Destroy Sanders’ Chance of Winning? By Linda Martin Alcoff


Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom By John Tarleton


July 2016

Clinton Refuses to Labor for Working Class Votes By Steven Wishnia

Philadelphia DNC Photo Essay: Movements in Motion By Antrim Caskey

September 2016



What Are They Afraid of? Open the Debates By Jeff Cohen



October 2016 (Special Election Issue)

Payback Time: Immigrant Voters Prepare to Thump Trump By Eliza Relman


Drifting to Donald; Trump’s Best Chance of an Upset Victory Lies With Working Class Communities Like This One By Peter Rugh


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