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Indypendent Staff Dec 30, 2016

Check out 52 of The Indypendent’s best articles from 2016  — one for each week of the year — as we look back on our coverage of both the year’s historic presidential election and of left social movements working for change from outside the electoral arena.

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Electoral Politics


Funding the ‘Political Revolution’ $27 at a Time
By Matt Shuham

This Single Working Mama Demands Single Payer and Sanders for President
By Priscilla Grim

After a Chaotic Primary, Outraged Voters Confront NYC Board of Elections
By Jesse Rubin

My Third-Degree Bern: Hope in a Time of Crisis
By Nicholas Powers

They Lit the Bern, What Comes Next?
By John Tarleton

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Sanders’ Supporters Look to Build a Long-Term Movement
By John Tarleton

Clinton Refuses to Labor for Working Class Votes
By Steven Wishnia

Drifting to Donald: Trump’s Best Chance of an Upset Victory Lies with Working Class Communities Like This One
By Peter Rugh

NYC Trump Supporters Speak
By Eliza Relman

The Mourning After: Waking Up in Trump’s America
By Nicholas Powers

Talking to My Children About Trump
By Maria Muentes, Priscilla Grim, Luis Moreo-Caballud and Begonla Santa Ceecilia

Activism and Organizing

Here’s What I Learned Canvassing Flatbush for Bernie

By Nancy Romer

In Praise of Allies: Wherever We’re Going, We’ll Only Get There Together
By Nicholas Powers

Movement Building in a New Political Moment
By Harmony Goldberg

Police, Prisons and the Judiciary

Nothing to See Here: The Police Counter-Revolution Against Black Lives Matter
By Peter Rugh

Black Lives Matter Hunkers Down Outside City Hall
By Eman Abdelhadi

Death by Indifference: NYPD Officers Show Little Interest in CPR Training
By Nick Malinowski

If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go
By Renée Feltz

New Hope for Rikers Reform
By Heidi Boghosian

Scalia's Legacy: A Narrow-Minded Man Who Espoused an Absurd Judicial Theory
By John Tarleton

Race in America

A Love Supreme: In Good Times and Bad, The Black Soul Embraces and Lifts Up Its People
By Nicholas Powers

Why I Love Being Black
By Jamara Wakefield, Jamila Reddy, Vernon Andrews, Brittany Williams and Gabriel Lawrence

The Future of White Supremacy
By Linda Martín Alcoff and José Martín

Trouble on Campus: Noted African American Studies Prof in Hot Water for Anti-Racist Racebook Posts
By Astha Rajvanshi

Immigrant Rights

Feds Carry Out Stealth Raids Against Immigrants
By Alina Mogilyanskaya

Teach-ins Turn Immigrant Anxiety Into Action
By Renée Feltz


Apped to Be Screwed: How The Gig Economy Is Changing How We Work and Live
By Peter Rugh

The Verizon Strike: ‘This Is One of the Last Big Fights’
By Steven Wishnia


Put to The Test: CUNY Faculty Considers Strike Vote As Cuomo Toys With University’s Future
By Peter Rugh

Free College for All: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Again)
By Stephen Brier

Meet Trump’s Public Ed Wrecking Ball
By Leonie Haimson


Water Is Life: Photographic Dispatches from Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota
By Joe Brusky

New York Pipeline Battles Multiply
By Peter Rugh

The Answer Is Twisting in the Wind
By Wendy Sol

NYC Politics

Pinned Down at City Hall
By Ethan Young

Assessing de Blasio
By Alex Vitale, Tom Angotti, Leonie Haimson and Picture the Homeless

Military-Homeland Security Industrial Complex

That’s Not Cool: A Drone Factory in the Land of Peace, Love and Music
By Jesse Rubin

In an Age of Mass Surveillance, Encryption Gives Us an Edge
By Jonathan Stribling-Uss


After 50 Years of War, A Chance At Peace
By Mario Murillo

When Women Lead the Revolution: In a Remote Corner of Syria Female Fighters Are Taking the Battle to ISIS And Building a New Society at The Same Time
By Elia Gran

Echoes of Trump: A Terrifying Father Figure in the Philippines
By Tracy Llanera

Migrant Dreams
By Leanne Tory-Murphy

Arts & Culture

Danny Katch’s Socialism With a Sense of Humor
By Michael Hirsch

When Haiti Shook the World
By Don Jackson

A Prince for The Ages
By Gena Hymowech

How Muhammad Ali Transformed the World of Sports
By Vernon Andrews           

When Music Went Global
By Beatrix Lockwood

Eating Disorders Take Center Stage
By Alina Mogilyanskaya

“Did Your Dad Take Your Mom Hostage?”
By Jesse Rubin

Inequality Diagnosed But Uncured
By Bennett Baumer

Scrutinizing Whiteness
By Matt Wasserman

Shedding New Light on Black Masculinity
By Mark Read



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