Special Edition! Help Distribute The Indypendent at the Women’s March on Washington D.C.

Indypendent Staff Jan 20, 2017

When two hundred thousand women and their allies march on Washington D.C. Saturday, The Indypendent will be there too distributing tens of thousands of copies of our Women’s March special edition. To reach as many people as possible, we need your help.

Our main distribution hub will be located by RFK Stadium and the adjacent Stadium-Armory subway station located at 192 19th St., SE.. Twelve hundred charter buses will arrive and depart Saturday with upwards of 60,000 marchers. Stadium-Armory is located on the orange, blue and silver subway lines three stops east from where the march will begin near Capitol Hill.

You can find us on Saturday morning handing out papers as marchers disembark from their buses and enter the subway station. We will distribute again during the afternoon as marchers return via subway to their buses, which will be stationed in the parking lots that surround RFK Stadium. At that time, we will be handing out stacks of papers for marchers to share not only with their fellow passengers but with people back home.

So come on by and grab some papers. Better yet, stick around for a little while and help us with handing out papers. Getting all our papers out is going to be a big lift for our team so the more friends and supporters of the Indy who can pitch in for a minute, the more buses that will leave Washington, D.C. with copies of the paper.

Saturday’s march will be historic and empowering for many participants who have been distraught since Donald Trump’s election victory. But no one-day action by itself is enough. We have to build movements that are constantly learning and growing. Utilizing independent media sources like the Indy to spread information and ideas is going to be vitally important.

We’re excited to be doing this work and hope to see you on Saturday.


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Dreams of My President: How hope and change gave way to fear and resentment
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