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Join the Resistance

Issue 222

Ten things you can do

Indypendent Staff Feb 21, 2017

Call Your Elected Officials 

Elected officials want to keep on getting elected. So when they hear from large numbers of their constituents on an issue, it has an impact. With the help of websites like, you can locate your local representatives and receive phone numbers and scripts so calling is easy. For busy people who don’t have lots of free time, this is an easy way to stay engaged and make a difference.

Turn Out for Protests 

Feeling overwhelmed by all the scary, bad news? Getting out from behind your computer and into the streets with other people who share your hopes and concerns is cathartic and often makes a real impact. Better yet, bring along friends or family members. 

Volunteer with Political Campaigns

Whether knocking on doors or making phone calls to prospective voters, this is a great way to listen and learn from other people while working to elect officials who represent your values. In NYC, the Mayor and all 51 City Councilmembers are up for re-election this year. Across the Hudson River in New Jersey, voters will be choosing a successor to Gov. Chris Christie who was an early Trump supporter. In 2018, Congress will be up for grabs along with governorships and state legislatures across the land. 

Expand Your Mind

Read widely and develop a deeper sense of history, politics, literature, economics, etc. This will make you a more effective advocate for the causes you believe in. 

Join a Reading Group

Consider joining a reading group or starting one of your own. Reading and studying with others is a great way to meet new friends and learn not only from the reading material but other people’s insights and life experiences. 

Join (or Start) an Organization 

Whether it’s joining a local grassroots group, the local chapter of a larger national organization or becoming an active member of a political party, working in concert with others allows us to build the power we need to affect change. 

Be Generous With Your Money 

Sick of Trump’s over-the-top lying and “alternative facts?” Notice how the White House has declared the media to be “the enemy of the people.” Give generously to support independent media. The media outlets we will need the most are the ones that will have to be funded by all of us. 

Commit Civil Disobedience 

Deliberately breaking the law and getting hauled off to jail is not for everyone. No one should be pressured into participating in such an action. But when done at the right time and place with a clear message and demands, civil disobedience can be a dramatic and effective form of protest. 

Support the General Strike 

Okay, we don’t know when or if we’ll ever see this happen here in the United States. But if it comes, you know what to do. Shut it down!

Be There for Each Other 

The coming years are going to be a marathon not a sprint so let’s be there for each other and carve out time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.


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