Watch: A Standing Rock-style Encampment Sprouts Up in Amish Country

Jake Ratner Jul 7, 2017

In conservative Lancaster County, Pennsylvania local farmers and community members never thought they would be on the opposing side of a natural gas pipeline. But one gas company’s use of eminent domain to forcibly take land from local residents made them take a stand.

Now, they are leading a campaign unfolding in the heart of rural America to stop the fracked-gas Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. With pipeline construction slated to begin this summer, they’ve built a platformed wooden structure directly in the path of the pipeline and launched a Standing Rock-style encampment on a local Amish family’s farm.

This is the story of how one community, standing up against seemingly insurmountable odds, has ignited a grassroots groundswell to save their farms, rivers, and homes. And they just might win.


Photo (top): Lancaster landowner Mark Clatterbuck. Credit: Public Herold/Flickr.

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