#KnowYourDA: A Voters Guide to the Brooklyn DA Race

Five Borough Defenders (5BD) — a group of civil rights attornies and public defenders that promote the alleviation systemic injustices within the criminal legal system — has put out this helpful voters guide to the Brooklyn District Attorney race. We thought we'd share it with you ahead of the Democratic primary on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Five Borough Defenders Sep 11, 2017

We’ve been tracking Brooklyn DA candidate responses to questions at forums, in questionnaires, on social media and to our own platform. Check out our super handy zine to see where they land on different issues. For your ease, we’ve graded their responses and provided an overall report card at the end. We hope this helps you vote on September 12, 2017.

Disclaimers: We are not endorsing any particular candidateAll candidates are former prosecutors that followed many of the practices they are now renouncing as candidates. It will take more than words to implement their vision for change. Additionally, this zine has been created by the #KnowYourDA working group of Five Borough Defenders, but does not reflect the opinions of all 5BD members.


Photo (top): Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzale speaking at a rally following Donald Trump’s election. Gonzalez received a C+ rating from Five Borough Defenders. Source:

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