‘The FBI Listens to Nickelback’

Our Indystructible podcast takes you inside the Mother of All Rallies and the Juggalo March and our music critic, Brady O'Callahan, reviews 'Need to Feel Your Love' from Sheer Mag.

Peter Rugh Sep 25, 2017

Maybe it was the lack of shade on the Mall, the heat countermanding the rage. Maybe the upstarts were just too worn out by their sojourns from the de-industrialized Heartland and America’s backwater swamps to give-a-shit enough about the swamp in Washington they came to drain. But more than likely they were just worn out by the fight. They weren’t prepared to abandon their allegiance to Donald Trump or the Insane Clown Posse (ICP), their beliefs in anarchism or their paranoia of the deep state. But they weren’t going to fulfill any destructive, hyperbolic prophecies either. . . 

In this episode of Indystructible we take you to Washington, D.C. for the Mother of All Rallies and the Juggalo March. Later on, our music critic, Brady O’Callahan, reviews Sheer Mags, new album, which offers a soundtrack for the Trump era.

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Photo credit: Peter Rugh.

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