Our Top Stories of 2017 — 52 Reasons to Support The Indy

Indypendent Staff Dec 31, 2017

Check out 52 of The Indypendent’s best articles from 2017  — one for each week of the year — as we look back at our coverage of a dizzying 12 months that brought a racist orange-haired troll and his fellow kleptocrats into the highest levels of government and millions of people into the streets.

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The Best of The Indy 2017

Why We March
Afef Nasher | Elizabeth Press | Quon | Ann Schneider

75 Years for Protesting in Black?
Alex Kane

#Disrupt J20 Defendants Found Not Guilty
Gary Roland

No Finish Line in Sight: An Interview with Naomi Klein
John Tarleton

How to Confront the Right … and Win
Mike Ben Zev, Linda Martín Alcoff and Nicholas Powers

Talking to Your Kids About Charlottesville
Rebecca from Brooklyn

A Year of Living Dangerously (in Trump’s America)
Danny Katch

Working-Class Women Say ‘#MeToo’
Camila Quarta

Finally Heard
Linda Martín Alcoff

The Politics of the Oppressed: An Interview with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Indypendent Staff

Poem: The Revolution
Eileen Myles

The Soviet Union’s Forgotten Feminist Revolution
Ann Schneider

The New Socialist Movement Taking Root in Brooklyn
Peter Rugh

Building Resistance on Trump Island
Jane Latour

Khader El Yateem, Man vs. Machine
Peter Rugh     

Expanding the Electorate
Steven Wishnia

‘Walk With Me’
Renée Feltz

Where Moms and Kids Go Straight to Jail
Renée Feltz

These Dreams Won’t Be Deferred
Astha Rajvanshi

Why Your Commute Sucks
Peter Rugh

Statues We Love
Federico di Pasqua

Inside the Belly of New York’s Restaurant Beast
Gordon Glasgow

Manal Kahi Offers a Taste of the World
Indypendent Staff

Cuomo’s “Free” Tuition Plan is a Racist Snub to CUNY Students
Amir Khafagy

People of Color Fight For a Place in New York’s Money-driven Arts Ecosystem
Maya Chung

The Life & Death of a Newspaper
Steve Wishnia

De Blasio Reconsidered: An Interview with Juan González
John Tarleton

Not Your Grandpa’s Payphone
Jesse Rubin

Gentrification Prime: How Big Tech is sparking fears of mass displacement in the city
Peter Rugh

Jerk Chicken Vs. Gentrification
Colin Kinniburgh

Home Sweet Home: Low-income Tenants Win Right to Lawyer at Housing Court
Lauren Kaori Gurley

The Prospect Park Hotel
Rico Cleffi

Solidarity in Action: Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Underway in New York
Lenina Nadal  

A Storm More Severe: Disaster Capitalists Descend on Debt-ravaged Puerto Rico
Joel Cintrón Arbasetti

Island Of Light, Island of Shadow: My Journey Home to Puerto Rico
Nicholas Powers

P is For Privatization
Camille Baker & Lydia McMullen-Laird        

Life in the Balance: The Human Body has Become a Battleground of Meaning, Again
Nicholas Powers

Black Power Takes Root in the Heart of Dixie: An Interview with Kali Akuno
Marisa Anne Day

Here’s What Real Tax Reform Looks Like
Paddy Quick

Where Did the Peace Movement Go?
Ethan Young

Trump Through Mexican Eyes
Laura Carlsen

Colombia’s Precarious Peace
Mario Murillo

The Spoils of War: Israeli companies are making a killing off of technologies perfected over a 50-year occupation
Alex Kane

We’re All in the Same Boat: A DIY Lifeguard Crew Takes to the Mediterranean Sea to Aid Refugees
Elia Gran

The Revolt That Shook the World: What we can learn from the Russian Revolution and its subsequent demise
Pete Doleck

L.A. Kauffman Gets the Goods
Steven Sherman

Dawn of the Social Thriller
Mark Read

One-Size-Fits-All Feminism?
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Sheer Punk Love
Brady O’Callahan

Queer Life Through the Ages
Gena Hymowech

Growth Sputters to a Crawl
Bennett Baumer

Police Are the Problem, Not the Solution
Michael Hirsch

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Photo credit (top): Elisha Terada. 

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