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Mad Nation

Mumia Abu-Jamal Feb 19, 2018

Another school shooting. Seventeen souls gone — teachers, students and staff.

America, which bills itself as the greatest of nations is as helpless as a kitten. It has no solution.

Today in school, students have about as much protection as did we who, as students in the fifties and sixties, were told to duck and cover under our desks in the event of a nuclear bombing. Today, they are told to lock themselves in a classroom or a closet. No protection, none at all.

When over twenty babies were killed in New England several years ago, I said nothing would change. Today, years later… America a mad nation.

From a prison nation, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Mumia’s commentaries appear in collaboration with Prison Radio.

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Photo: Members of the Wisconsin Light Brigade. Credit: Joe Brusky.

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