Watch: New Yorkers Mobilize Against Trump’s Wall

Indypendent Staff Feb 19, 2019

Following President Trump’s declaration of emergency powers on Friday, New Yorkers and people across the country took to the streets. Approximately 500 people gathered at Union Square in Manhattan Monday evening, expressing solidarity with the city’s immigrant populations, continuing alarm at the president’s authoritarian tendencies and calling for Trump’s impeachment. At one point during the demonstration gentlemen wearing “Make America Great Again” apparel attempted to disrupt the protest. Their voices were drowned out as the crowd sang in unison.

Outrage is widespread at Trump’s decision to invoke the National Emergencies Act in order to redirect funds for a border wall denied him by Congress. Even members of Trump’s own party have raised concerns. However, whether or not Trump overstepped the bounds of presidential powers is now up for the courts to decide. Sixteen states filed a lawsuit against the maneuver on Monday.

Photo (top): Anti-wall protesters gathered in Union Square, Monday, Feb. 18. Photo and video by Erin Sheridan.

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