New Yorkers Unite in Outrage as Trump Comes to Town

Emma Gaffney Sep 27, 2019

Hundreds of New Yorkers found themselves “United in Outrage” following the United Nations Climate Action Summit ahead of the U.N General Assembly. The target of their ire? Donald Trump. 

On Monday evening a “Resistance March” brought together hundreds of protesters in Bryant Park who marched downtown to Washington Square from there, chanting, “The people are here! The people are tired! We the people say, ‘You’re fired!’”

The protest was organized by Rise and Resist, which describes itself as a political movement opposing the Trump Administration.

“I’m out here because real patriotism is reclaiming our country from Trump,” said Rise and Resist member Claire Ullman. 

While the Trump Administration maintains its “America First” stance as articulated by Trump during his speech to the General Assembly Tuesday, the crowds the previous evening voiced opposition to Trump’s isolationist agenda. 

“Humanity first not America first,” activists called out. 

“We want the world to know that he is not our president, Ullman told The Indypendent. “Trump is tearing America apart, bringing America down in the eyes of the world. He is dividing us and turning us against one another. Everything that’s good about America, he is undermining.”

Demonstrators expressed outrage at a slew of injustices perpetrated by the Trump Administration:  its inaction during this climate emergency, its treatment of immigrants, the abandonment of the basic norms of American governance and disrespect for the constitution, to name a few. 

Monday’s march was one of a number of rallies that have taken place with world leaders here in town. On Wednesday dozens of demonstrators were arrested for peacefully blocking traffic on Fifth Avenue outside of the Plaza Hotel, protesting the fossil fuel investments of those attending Bloomberg Global Business Summit inside.

On Sept. 19, the largest climate protest ever took place around the world. In New York, more than a quarter of a million people took to the streets, many of them teenagers and children. Trump did not seem to match their enthusiasm for addressing climate change, attending the U.N. climate summit only for a short time before leaving for another event.

A small group of counter-protesters at Monday’s demonstration adorned themselves in American flags and avidly waved “Trump 2020” banners. They were kept separate from the main crowd by the NYPD. 

Meanwhile, some participants in the Resistance March handed out flyers reminding fellow activists and onlookers to register and vote. 

“It’s really important to register as a Democrat, not as an independent or with Green Party, as much as I love them,” said Extinction Rebellion organizer Gregory Schwedock. “The only time your vote matters is in the primary.”

Luan Xocoyote, a member of the NYC Revolution Club, disagreed. She said she was not registered to vote in New York State and didn’t plan to register either. “I don’t think that voting is going to fundamentally change the problem,” she said. 

The NYC Revolution Club is an affiliate of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, a Maoist organization that adheres to the political theories of activist Bob Avakian. 

“I would argue that this system and the people in power are never going to make decisions that are in the interest of all humanity,” Xocoyote said. “I want to be fighting for the interests of all humanity because I think that’s our responsibility as young people.”

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