Our Top Stories Of  2019: 50 Reasons To Support The Indy

The Editors Dec 30, 2019

Our annual winter fund drive is underway and to get things started we’re sharing the best of this year’s hard-hitting reporting, insightful analysis and deep-dive cultural criticism — all of which you’ve come to expect from The Indy. Each article on this list represents another reason to support New York’s left-wing newspaper.

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Housing & Tenant Rights

Bridging The Divide: Upstate And Downstate Renters Join Forces
By Peter Rugh

How New Yorkers Banded Together And Cracked The Landlord Lobby
By Steven Wishnia

Erasing The Redline: Exploring Histories Of Housing Segregation In Order To Build A New Future
By Nancy Hoch

The Vultures Are Circling NYCHA
By Rico Cleffi

Activist Scholars Take On Big Developers
By Derek Ludovici

NYC Neighborhoods

Fighting For Their Park, LES Residents Challenge City’s Climate Change Plan
By John Tarleton 

Oral History Preserves Bushwick One Story At A Time
By Chelsey Sanchez

Homeowners Gone Wild: A Proposed Shelter In Queens Has A Majority White Community On Edge
By Rico Cleffi

Spike In Traffic Deaths Has Cyclists Wondering If NYC Drivers Have A License To Kill
By Emma Gaffney

Meet The Inwood Tenants Fighting Barberry Rose, Landlord From Hell
By Steven Wishnia


“Kids In Cages” At The Border Find Terra Firma In The Bronx
By Renée Feltz

Borderline Insane: Mexico Pays The Price For Trump’s War On Migrants
By Laura Carlsen

Trapped In Malta: The Mediterranean Island Is Putting Refugees Between A Rock And A Hard Place
By Jaclynn Ashly

Fleeing Violence In Their Homeland, Syrians Now Find Themselves Hounded In Turkey
By Jaclynn Ashly

Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Interview: Naomi Klein Is On Fire For A Green New Deal
By John Tarleton & Nancy Romer

Industry City: A Green New Deal vs. Gentrification In Sunset Park
By Chelsey Sanchez

No Safe Harbor For Rockaway Pipeline, Opponents Say
By Lydia McMullen-Laird

Diaper Change, Climate Change: Reflections On Parenting In An Era Of Global Warming
By Nicholas Powers

The Future Is Meatless
By Peter Rugh

Lead Crisis In Newark Raises Concerns About Taps: Here Are The Facts
By Jenny Blair

Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties

Is Queens Ready For A People’s DA?
By Theodore Hamm

Revolt Of The Outsiders: First AOC, Now Tiffany Cabán
By Libby Rainey

Plugging NYC’s School-to-Prison Pipeline
By Peter Rugh

Meet The Prisoners Killing Jim Crow Behind Prison Walls
By Olivia Riggio

Lessons From The FBI’s Secret War On Activism
By Michael Steven Smith


The Equal Rights Amendment Is Back
By Eleanor Bader

Labor Conflict: With ‘Birth Strike’ Jenny Brown Tackles Population Decline
By Ann Schneider

Anger, the ‘Unfeminine’ Emotion
By Isobel von Hagen

Frida Kahlo: Communist, Feminist, Global Commodity
By Lauren Kaori Gurley

No Cops, No Sponsors: 50 Years After Stonewall, Pride Goes Back To Its Roots
By Emma Gaffney

Gay Old Brooklyn: Hugh Ryan Takes A Look At The Borough’s Queer Past
By Jessica Max Stein

Gays In Uganda Face Wave Of Violence As Official Threatens To Resurrect Homosexual Death Penalty Bill
By Sophie Neiman

2020 Election

Bernie’s Dream: A Multi-Racial Working Class Movement That Transforms America
By Nicholas Powers

Bernie Sanders Abroad: Is A Peace Presidency Possible?
By Mark Haim

Warren Pieces: Does The Presidential Candidate’s Plans To Break Up Big Tech Go Far Enough?
By Maia Hibbett

Michael Bloomberg Is Back: But Are Uninspiring Centrists Like Him Really More Electable?
By Danny Katch

Labor & Health Care 

2 Centuries, 10 Strikes: Eric Loomis Offers An Insightful History Of U.S. Labor
By Steven Sherman

The Medicare For All Mystery
By Paddy Quick

Out Of Patience: NYC Nurses Take ON Hospitals For Better Staffing
By Peter Rugh


Inside The Amazon: Why The World’s Largest Rainforest Continues To Burn
By Brian Mier

As ‘Puerto Rican Summer’ Draw To A Close, People’s Assemblies Spring Up Across The Island
By Juan C. Dávila 

In Modi’s India, An Ancient Symbol Begins To Look Like Its Germanic Double
By Manvi Jalan

After The Christchurch Massacre: Reexamining The Roots Of Terror
By Nicholas Powers

Interview: Medea Benjamin On What’s Really Happening In Iran
By John Tarleton

Letter From Catalonia: Barcelona’s Occupy Mayor Wins A Second Term
By Elia Gran

French Yellow Vests Celebrate One-Year Anniversary As General Strike Looms
By Richard Greeman

Nazi Hipsters: Europe’s Identitarians Are Young, Fashionable and Proto-Fascist
By Maresi Starzman


Movie Review: Lessons From The Brink With Steve Bannon
By Mark Read

Interview: Journalist Lewis Wallace Refuses To Be ‘Neutral’ In The Age Of Trump
By Renée Feltz

Sewing Dissent With Textile Artist Diana Weymar
By Celestina Billington

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