Angry Over the Iowa Caucus Debacle? Action is the Remedy to Despair

McNair Scott Feb 6, 2020

I’ve been so numb. The strategic release of results. All our work in Iowa. All the snowy days knocking on doors. The emotional day-in-day-out of persuading people to believe. All of it being used to give Pete a nine-point New Hampshire bump has me blank. Krystal Ball laid it all out today. She reached in and pulled out the sad and the mad and had me straight up sobbing in the bathroom. 

I know there is a lot to celebrate — bye, Biden — and we can call this a win in many ways. He received $25 million dollars in donations in the month of January. One month! Sick. Unprecedented. And one third from new donors. So needed for Super Tuesday ad buys. Coming out of Iowa, despite everything we are in a better position than ever. Even Nate Silver says so. Just give me a minute to feel it. 

We won the popular vote! Revel in this. And maybe today, with the working-class and POC satellite caucuses coming in, we can call it a complete victory.

Either way, if you’re feeling assed out by this bullshit, step up. Action is the remedy to despair. As always.

1) Donate.

2) If you want to knock on doors in New Hampshire, it’s happening at the rate of one door per second.

I’ll see you there soon.

3) If you can’t get out of town, make calls! It all helps. 

And, if you haven’t seen this yet, here’s my last dispatch from Iowa, snapshots from the week before the caucuses.

Everything matters.

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