NYC Black Lives Matter Events Calendar

Indypendent Staff Jun 19, 2020

These two Instagram accounts are good resources for NYC protesters.

This Instagram account is a great resource to find Black owned co-ops:

READINGS: Slave Patrols: An Early Form of American Policing and Was Slavery a Factor in the Second Amendment?

Read these two articles to get a grasp on the roots of the police in the United States, the true intention behind the 2nd amendment and how the two are inextricably connected. 

FILM: De Cierta Manera

The social context and unspoken politics of De Cierta Manera [One way or Another], a film directed by Sara Gómez, illuminates art’s truly revolutionary potential beyond representation, propaganda or advocacy to popular participation. Additionally, the film mandates its audiences to center individuals from a wider breadth of the revolution’s intended beneficiaries who stayed after the war—non-memorialized Cubans, particularly Cubans of color, women, and non/working-class folks—when evaluating its legacy.

FILM: Rafiki 

This Kenyan coming-of-age saga follows the journeys of two fearlessly individualistic young women who, despite the fact that their fathers are rival political candidates, form a steadfast bond. When their friendship develops into romance, they must fight to protect their love in the face of societal prejudices determined to tear them apart. With a remarkable feeling for color, music, and the bustling street life of Nairobi, rising star director Wanuri Kahiu crafts an empowering, sublimely moving love story that defied censors in her home country and went on to become the first Kenyan film to premiere at Cannes.

COST: $4.99

ACTION: Defund and Disarm the NYPD

The whole damn system is guilty as hell!

Police do not keep us safe.

They enforce a status quo of white supremacy

and exploitation by the billionaire class.

Their job is violence.

So we say —

All these cops have got to go!

Sign up to Join the #DEFUNDNYPD campaign!

WHEN: Now!

MUTUAL AID: The People’s Space

The People’s Space is a growing anti-police zone where all black lives matter, located on occupied Lenape land. Our vision is that of a future filled with gender self-determination and without prisons for a BIPOC-led, multiracial revolution. ⁣At current, we offer community-led curriculums, overnight sanctuary, and FREE CRIB 4 Black Lives Matter – a daytime pit stop on the way to and from the streets, open to outside people of all kinds. ⁣Join us for free food, radical community education, to-go protest kits, medic supplies, needle exchange and narcan, and places to rest and take a load off.⁣


At Justice Committee (JC) we consider CopWatch to be an act of self defense rooted in love and solidarity. Through our CopWatch project we aim to keep our communities safer by deterring, documenting, and exposing police violence.

CONCERT: Juneteenth Now: Get Us Free.

On Juneteenth, an incredible group of artists will gather for a Black-led, multicultural celebration. An homage to the 400 years that Black people have lived in this nation, the program will non-linearly jump through our past and present, highlighting Black resistance, resilience, healing and joy.

WHEN: Fri June 19

7 p.m.–9 p.m.


FESTIVAL: 11th Annual Juneteenth 2020 Curated Virtual Festival Experience

This year as you would imagine everything is happening a little different. We have had to “PIVOT” with the rest of the world around COVID-19. We have all asked the question, what will this summer look like? Will we be able to attend festivals, block parties, have birthday parties with friends, greet each other with a hug when we see each other and many more questions. As a COVID-19 survivor, my family and I have a new outlook on life, be thankful and love LOTS! Now last year our theme centered around back to the future through the lens of love. This year, we are focused on building up, supporting and encouraging our “BUSINESS and TALENT” community. Now that the statistics are out, everyone is seeing that the hardest hit communities are the African American and Latino areas (no surprise there). What are we doing about it is the real question. To start we can invest in and support our community. Starting from Memorial Day with the African Festival, Juneteenth (Black Independence Day) and all the way through to Kwanzaa in December. We hope you will join us in our newly curated virtual experience.

WHEN: Sat June 20

10 a.m.–5 p.m.



Please join us this Saturday for a special edition of our All-Star variety show as we celebrate JUNETEENTH! We’re collaborating with Jalopy Theatre and School of Music to feature some of our favorite performers streaming live from NYC into your own quarantine speakeasy!

WHEN: Sat June 20

5:45 p.m.

COST: $5 suggested donation

OPEN MIC: Black Trans Media Digital Open Mic 

For over a month we have been bringing you Digital Open Mics featuring Black TGNC artists, community members, and performers. This is a safe space for Black TGNC folks we welcome allies to join us in our audience and we make space for TGNC POC and Black Queer folks to share as time permits. These digital open mics give us a space to come together and uplift Black TGNC people supporting the leadership of Black TGNC folks and moving money directly to our hosts, feature artists, and open mic sign ups. 

WHEN: Sat June 20

8 p.m.–9 p.m.

DANCE CLASSES: Dancers Unite For BLM

Bachata Rosa is collaborating with a variety of artists to offer a series of virtual dance classes the weekend of June 19th-21st. All proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Foundation – New York Chapter.

WHEN: June 19.–June 21

COST: $10 minimum suggested donation per class 

ORGANIZING: Breaking Bread with Communities United for Police Reform

Join us for the virtual edition of the Breaking Bread series, a gathering hosted at Mayday Space in collaboration with leading social justice organizations. Our aim is to bring together members of grassroots groups and the politically-engaged public to sharpen our strategies, celebrate our wins, and strengthen our movements for transformative change. At a moment of tremendous Black-led popular resistance, we’re honored to partner with Communities United for Police Reform, the people power behind the #SaferNYAct measures that passed thru the New York State legislature last week and key players in the fight to #DefundNYPD in this critical final week of NYC budget negotiations.

WHEN: Mon June 22

7 p.m.–9 p.m.

FORUM: Policing, Mass Protest and Data Protection: Recent Developments and Cases

The seminar will consider the data protection issues arising from the policing of mass protests, covering both recent policy developments and cases to watch. The issues that will be covered include information-sharing between police forces and with third parties, the retention of protestors’ data on police databases, automatic facial recognition, and the circumstances in which protestors may be considered citizen journalists. The speakers will discuss the types of data protection claims which may arise out of the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

WHEN: Tues June 23

10 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

GROUP: Toxic Whiteness Discussion Group

This space is held specifically for white people to help process how white supremacy culture is toxic to them. Having a separate space to experience the pain of racism will help white people allow for the emotional needs of people of color to take priority in multi-racial spaces.

WHEN: Wed June 24

5:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m

GROUP: POC Affinity Group

Recent events have caused a massive uprising against police brutality and support of the Black Lives Matter movement in a way we haven’t seen before. Real change is happening, but it isn’t without struggle.  This month’s POC (People of Color) Affinity Group will focus on these events, the impact they’re having, and how we can support each other while advocating for change. Most of the meeting will happen in break out groups (black POC and non-black POC), but there will be time spent in full community in the beginning and end.

WHEN: Thurs June 25

5 p.m.–7 p.m.

COST: Donation

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