Video: Looking Back at the Top Ten Moments from Bernie’s Journey

By Indypendent Staff Mar 5, 2021

Video by Leia-Lee Doran.

Bernie Sanders’ five-year quest for the presidency effectively ended a year ago this week when he was decisively defeated on Super Tuesday by Joe Biden. Soon after, a surging Covid-19 pandemic prompted a nationwide lockdown that made any further campaigning impossible.

While Bernie and the #NotMeUs movement didn’t make it to the White House, he did give us some unforgettable moments to inspire us anew — from a fiery denunciation of Henry Kissinger’s war crimes in a nationally televised debate to being interrupted mid-speech by his spirit animal in front of 25,000 adoring supporters, to upstaging Joe Biden’s inauguration by simply showing up wearing homemade Vermont mittens. 

As we look back, which of these Top 10 moments was your favorite?

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