We Had Cuomo’s Number: Looking Back on The Indy’s Coverage of a Corrupt Governor and the Movements That Battled Him

No publication covered Cuomo like The Indypendent did. We plan to cover post-Cuomo New York with the same energy and insight.

John Tarleton Aug 11, 2021

The statue stood alone and unreachable. The Great Leader it depicted stared out at a future only he could see, or shape. The elderly patient and their nursing home attendant lingered below unnoticed. They couldn’t write a five-figure campaign check or pen a media puff piece celebrating the Great Leader. But they could see the cracks spreading through the monolith — and so could we. 

The “fall of Andrew Cuomo” that we forecast on the cover of our March issue came to pass yesterday. A vindictive bully who catered to the rich and turned crony capitalism into an art form while imposing austerity and incompetence on the poor and the working class finally got his comeuppance. 

The mainstream media was Cuomo’s accomplice every step of the way. He was “New York tough” because he wore a windbreaker when holding press conferences during natural disasters. He was a masterful crisis manager because he gave a good PowerPoint presentation on live TV. Legions of liberals became so deluded by media coverage of Cuomo last spring they proclaimed themselves “Cuomosexuals” and clamored for the Democratic Party to have him replace Joe Biden on the presidential ticket. 

We never believed the hype. For years, we have reported on what Cuomo did and who he harmed, not what he pretended to be. We published in-depth reporting on how Cuomo wrecked the subway system

, public education and his closings of safety net hospitals and his fake free college tuition program. In an April 2020 exclusive, The Indypendent’s Theodore Hamm became the first reporter to identify the well-heeled campaign contributors who would benefit from the legal immunity Cuomo had conferred on hospitals and nursing homes during the pandemic. 

When an insurgent Left rose up in 2018 to challenge Cuomo and his worst enablers in the state legislature, we released a 24-page special issue breaking down what was at stake one month before the Democratic primaries. The next spring we followed up with a tenant/landlord special issue at the height of the struggle in Albany that produced historic rent law reform legislation. 


Below are some more highlights of our Cuomo coverage over the years. 

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Take The Cuomo Pop Quiz (Page 10-11)
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Why Cuomo Must Go: He’s Toxic And He’s Been a Drag on NY for Years
By John Tarleton

New York has a historic opportunity to break with a dysfunctional past and reform its state government. With your help, we look forward to covering post-Cuomo New York with the same energy and insight. 

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