Our Top Stories of 2021 — 52 Reasons to Support The Indy

By Indypendent Staff Dec 30, 2021

Check out 52 of The Indypendent’s best articles from 2021  — one for each week of the year — as we look back at our coverage of a dizzying 12 months that saw Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo ejected from power while the pandemic raged on.

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The Best of The Indy 2021

Pandemic Life 

Sex Workers & COVID 
Olivia Riggio

How the MTA Uses the Pandemic to Freeze Out the Homeless 
Jordan Teicher

Breaking Up With Fear 
Nicholas Powers

​​Omicron Variant Underscores Why We Must Abolish Global Vaccine Apartheid 
Costas Panayotakis

Criminal Justice, Policing & Drug Law Reform 

The Gamble of His Life 
Julian Guerrero & Danny Katch

We Can Defund the Police — Here’s How 
Brandon West

Revelations of Lie-Witness Testimony Leaves Anthony Sims Murder Conviction in Doubt Two Decades Later
Theodore Hamm

Why Rikers Has Unraveled 
Amba Guerguerian

Smoked Out: How Progressives Cornered Cuomo to Win Best-in-the-Nation Marijuana Reform Law
Steven Wishnia

Immigrant Rights 

Cold as ICE: North Jersey Counties Rake in Millions from the Feds While Holding Immigrant Detainees in Subhuman Conditions 
Amba Guerguerian with John Tarleton

At ICE’s Whim: Detained Immigrants Speak Out on Brutal Transfers
Amba Guerguerian

‘“I Always Wanted to be With My Kids”: Haitian Father of Four One Step Closer to Reversing Trump-Era Deportation’ 
Renée Feltz

Racial Justice

How Critical Race Theory Became the New Conservative Bogeyman
Linda Martîn Alcoff

Being Asian American in a Time of Rising Hate Forces Me to Face My Own Divided Feelings 
Leia Doran

Black Mothers Matter 
Neelu Shruti

QAnon Recycles Anti-Semitic Imagery to Sell Hatred
Nicholas Powers

Labor & The Economy

Ready for a Fresh Start: NY Laundry Workers are Fighting to Clean Up the Industry
Lachlan Hyatt

Taxi Drivers Launch Hunger Strike Outside of City Hall 
Steven Wishnia

More Than an Economic Strike: Student Workers at Two Columbia Campuses Press Shared Demands 
Lila Livingston

After the Pandemic: A Return to Capitalist Normalcy Will Only Create More Crises 
Costas Panayotakis

What’s Really Causing Inflation & How We Should Deal With It 
Paddy Quick

Why Americans Can’t Have Nice Things 
Teddy Ostrow

Housing & Gentrification

Good Cause Eviction Tops Tenants’ 2022 Agenda 
Steven Wishnia

Crown Heights Residents Fight to Save Associated Supermarket 
Julia Thomas

The Free Market Will Never Provide Decent Housing for All 
Alexa Avilés

NYCHA Tenants Call for Public Housing Boss to Be Bounced 
Zion DeCoteau

New York Politics

In Queens City Council Race, It’s Billionaire Bullies vs. Bangladeshi Bernie Organizer 
John Tarleton

From Brooklyn to Buffalo, Socialists are Organizing to Tax the Rich 
Rob Katz

Why Cuomo Must Go: He’s Toxic and He’s Been a Drag on New York for Years 

John Tarleton

Dianne Morales’ “Beautiful Mess’ 
Julia Thomas

In Homestretch of NYC Primary, 1% Plays Dirty 
Theodore Hamm


Parks for the People 
Olivia Riggio

Before We Can Fight for the Planet, We Need to Learn How to Talk With the Earth 
Reverend Billy Talen

Rio Grande Valley Residents Scrambled to Survive Amid Texas Deep Freeze 
Erin Sheridan

The Heat Is On: Sweeping Actions Urged Ahead of U.N. Climate Summit 
Nancy Romer


After The Bombs Stop Falling, Gaza Struggles to Rebuild 
Wafaa Aludaini

Reflections On This Year’s Palestine Day From a Former Israeli Refusenik 
Charles Lenchner

“Sister, Please Hurry”: Afghan Women Journalists Fear Time Is Running Out to Escape 
Madi Williamson

Against the Grain: India’s Farmers Confront Corporate Monopolies 
Manvi Jalan

Put a Woman in Charge: Tanzania’s New President Changes Tanzania’s Covid Approach
Sophie Neiman

9/11 and Occupy 

Contested Ground: 9/11, Occupy Wall Street and the Future of America 
John Tarleton

How 9/11 Kneecapped a Movement
Rico Cleffi

What I Learned during the Forever Wars 
Derek Ludovici

Twenty Years Later: How The World Trade Center Became a Monument to Greed and Power 
Todd Fine

The Rise of Occupy Wall Street: The Movement Moment That Revived The U.S. Left 
John Tarleton


Feminist Icons Revisited: New Biographies of Adrienne Rich and Andrea Dworkin Show Them in Their Full Complexity
Jessica Max Stein

Poor Queer Studies Enters Daily Life
Eleanor J. Bader

The Day I Was Doxxed by Rush Limbaugh (And the Life After) 
Ash Marinaccio

Tear Down the System, Not Each Other 
Nicholas Powers

Meet the New Bluestockings 
Olivia Riggio

Alex Harsley’s Photography is a Portal to an Earlier New York 
Amba Guerguerian

The Story of Hasidic Vilyamsburg 
Bennett Baumer

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