A Summer with The Indy: Deep Dives and Street Reporting

Molly Morrow Aug 26, 2022

Spending the summer of 2022 interning at The Indypendent gave me a greater sense of confidence while reporting and the chance do on-the-ground reporting on important local stories. The Indy provided me with a multitude of opportunities to cover protestsspeak with politicians and activists and hear from ordinary New York residents. I was able to frequently engage with those I interviewed and to learn the intricacies of New York politics. One particularly memorable experience was interviewing New Yorkers who had just voted in the June 28 Democratic primary for The Indypendent News Hour, a new experience that challenged me and taught me about live reporting.

Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to dive deeply into topics that interested me. A project I am particularly proud of is a long-form article I took on regarding the City Council’s cuts to the education budget. I had the chance to cover the story as it developed and speak with teachers, parents, and activists on the issue, learning about what they hope for the future of education reform. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the chance to gain professional journalism experience and to cover important local stories.

Molly Morrow is in her third year at the University of Chicago. She will be the co-editor of her school’s newspaper this year.

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