Why I Give to The Indy

Issue 276

Jerry Meyer was a longtime supporter of The Indypendent before his death in November 2021. In this 2019 essay, he explained why he was such a staunch supporter of the Indy and why giving money to support left projects like this one was a source of so much joy to him — and why it should be for others as well.

Gerald Meyer Dec 19, 2022

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I marvel at how The Indy is reaching into New York City’s communities with an invaluable message: We must defend the gains we make and regain losses we experience.

I cheer every time I see how the newspaper’s articles and features reach out beyond the confines of the already convinced. It demonstrates that change is not an all-or-nothing, now-or-never thing.

I learn what younger (much younger) New Yorkers, living in communities not reported about in The New York Times, are doing to change the status quo.

I value The Indy’s Events Calendar, which informs its readers of expanding networks of progressive cultural and educational activities and provides the basis for genuine progressive communities.

I appreciate the high artistic level of The Indy’s illustrative layout and background. Each issue of the paper is saying, “art matters.”

I hope that The Indy’s increased circulation will continue so that its hopeful and thoughtful message will reach ever more progressive people in need of a beacon.

I worry that The Indy might stagger and even fall due to a lack of support from its ­appreciative readers.

The left must be self-funding. We must all take responsibility for nurturing and growing its institutions, which are essential to our struggle for a fairer, more humane world. And it can be a source of great joy to do so.

I believe that others will join me in giving, in whatever amounts possible, to secure and strengthen The Indypendent: A free paper for free people.

Gerald Meyer (1940–2021) was a founding member of the Hostos Community College faculty, co-chair of the Vito Marcantonio Forum and author of Vito Marcantonio: Radical Politician (1902-1954) and other writings. He was a lifelong activist.

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