Our Top Stories of 2022 – 52 Reasons to Support The Indy

By Indypendent Staff Jan 4, 2023

Check out 52 of The Indypendent’s best articles from 2022  — one for each week of the year — as we look back at our coverage of a dizzying 12 months that saw the fall of Roe, the rise of a militant new labor movement and so much more. 

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The Best of The Indy 2022

NYC Government 

Welcome to Eric Adams’ Fear Factory
By John Teufel

This Month in Eric Adams: The Mayor Extends the Blue Wall of Silence to the Whole of City Government
By John Tuefel

Carlina Rivera and the Untold History of How East River Park Was Destroyed
By John Tarleton

Broken Promise: Mayor’s Plan to Shift 250,000 Retired City Workers to Privatized Health Insurance Heads to City Council
By Steven Wishnia


Socialism Spreads Upstate, One Door Knock at a Time
Theodore Hamm

South Brooklyn, Staten Island Activists Take Aim at NYC’s MAGA Congresswoman
Manny Jalonschi

How the New York Democrats’ Midterm Debacle Unfolded and What Comes Next
By John Tarleton


As Historic Election Begins, Meet the Workers Who Built a Union at Amazon’s Staten Island Complex
By Amba Guerguerian

Labor of Love: EWOC is Pioneering a New Model for Empowering Workers
By Amba Guerguerian

Workers at Dual Starbucks-Amazon Go Store Take on Union-Busting Giants
By Dylan Rice

NY Farmworker Overtime Laws Are Changing, But Only at a Snail’s Pace
By Simon Davis-Cohen

NYC’s “Delivery Boys” Band Together to Protect Themselves from E-bike Theft, Traffic Accidents
By Dashiell Allen

Hundreds of Part-Time Faculty at The New School Strike After Months of Negotiation
By Safiyah Riddle

Amazon Labor Union Newspaper Revives Independent Labor Press
By Katie Pruden

When Our Great-Great-Grandmothers Led Historic Strikes Against Their Bosses & The Patriarchy
By Eleanor J. Bader

Tenants’ Rights, Housing & Homelessness 

Eviction Thwarted: Brooklyn Community Successfully Mobilizes to Defend Family Facing Removal From Their Home
By Amba Guerguerian

Homeless New Yorkers Respond to Mayor’s Plan to Boot Them from Subway System
By Jenna Gaudino with Sue Brisk

Manhattan Bridge Encampment Evicted as City Plows Ahead with Homeless Sweeps
By Yastika Guru & Amba Guerguerian

Kingston Rent Guidelines Board Cuts Rents by 15%
By Steven Wishnia

Race, Policing and Criminal Justice 

Is Eric Adams Playing Black Voters?
By Nicholas Powers

Dirty NYPD Detective Responsible for 15 False Convictions Back on the Stand as Judge Reviews 1988 Murder Conviction?
By Theodore Hamm

Media Attention is Growing on Prakash Churaman’s Case, and the Judge isn’t Happy
By Danny Katch & Julian Guerrero 

Anthony Sims is Coming Home
By Theodore Hamm


One Moldovan Village’s Response to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis
By Lindsay Myers

Welcoming The Stranger: An Interview with New York Immigration Coalition’s Murad Awawdeh
By Renée Feltz

Little Amal Comes to NYC
By Jessica Max Stein

Abortion Rights 

What I Learned at The Crisis Pregnancy Center
By Yastika Guru with Amba Guerguerian

Defend Our Clinics! Photo Story
By Nina Berman

An Abortion Doctor’s Story
By Melanie MacLennan

Red State Report: In Post-Roe Idaho, Pro-Choicers Make a Stand Against Dystopia
By Erin Sheridan

Abortion Throughout History: From Ancient Greece to Post-Roe America
By Molly Morrow


‘The People’s Beach’ is a Queer Landmark That Deserves to Live On
By Nicky Yeager

NYPD Arrests 9 Trans-Rights Protesters Outside Anti-Trans Event
By Katie Pruden

New Free Youth Camp Taught by and for Trans and Queer Artists
Eleaner J. Bader

Queer & Trans NYCers Respond to Colorado Springs Mass Shooting
Blake McMillan

Energy and Environment 

Beyond Con Ed: For New York, Public Power is the Past and the Future
By Lachlan Hyatt & John Tarleton

Extinction Rebellion Urges Revolt Against Climate Inaction
By Nancy Hoch

Health, Education & Economy 

COVID and the View from the Global South
By Manvi Jalan

Students Still Want to Read Books but NYC’s Public School Libraries Are Being Forgotten
By Ben Mankoff

Money, Money, Money
By Bennett Baumer

Why Workers Need Unions to Counter the Power of Their Employers
By Paddy Quick


Welcome to the New Cold War and the Return of Nuclear Brinkmanship
By John Tarleton

Green Tide Rising in Latin America
By Laura Carlsen

Cuba Journey: Resisting the Blockade, 60 Years Later
By Julia Thomas

Sri Lankan People’s Movement Makes a Splash, But Now What?
By Amba Guerguerian


Is It Okay to Laugh? We Talk Comedy in a Time of Covid and Rising Fascism with Political Comedian Francesca Fiorentini
By John Tarleton

Reverend Billy’s Revelations: Holiday Shopping
Reverend Billy Talen

Human History, Retold by David Graeber
By Steven Sherman

A Charles Dickens Classic Recast in 21st Century Appalachia
By Jessica Max Stein

Mourning the Love of One’s Life
By Karen Malpede

Remembering the Sixties Generation
By Nicholas Powers

Conspiracy Theories, Then and Now
By Rosa Marín

Where to Buy Ivermectin