Reverend Billy’s Revelations

Issue 282

Don’t denounce climate change protesters for being disruptive, the rev says, join them!

Reverend Billy Talen Sep 20

Dear Rev,

I’m as scared and angry about climate change as the next person. But not sure about the tactic of annoyance, stopping traffic entering Burning Man, stopping the U.S. Open. The climate people are not winning friends that way. Then again, have I got a better idea? Not really. I know your schtick — you sing songs while you trespass in banks. But is that working?

I’m just sayin’.
— Mac

Dear Mac,

Well, but consider the importance of interrupting festivals and sporting events. The idea that thousands of people are gathering to look away from the Earth in the fall of 2023 is like masturbating during a car accident. The Earth is in open revolt at this point, from wildfires, to atmospheric rivers, to viruses, to three mile-wide tornadoes. Business as usual or recreation as usual? NO! NOT NOW!

Old attitudes are not an option. The Earth is telling us to aggressively confront our cops and bankers, our oil men and our war-mongers… With common sense, with Peace, with the Earth’s new rules. Now is the moment. We can’t ‘take a break from the cares of the world’ because we need the physical condition of this planet to be our partner in living life.  


Reverend Billy Talen is the pastor of the Church of Stop Shopping. Have a question for the Reverend? Email and unburden your soul.

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