We Won’t Be Censored: In Times Like These, The Indy Is Needed More Than Ever

Issue 284

A letter from our editor-in-chief.

John Tarleton Jan 23

The cultural crackdown that began soon after Oct. 7 shows no sign of letting up. 

Journalists at major news outlets have been fired, suspended or otherwise sidelined after refusing to abide by the pro-Israel bias across the U.S. news media. In more niche corners of the publishing world, David Velasco, the editor-in-chief of Art Forum, was sacked after publishing an open staff letter that called for a ceasefire and — how crazy is this? — Michael Eisen, the editor-in-chief of a prestigious science journal, was fired after retweeting an Onion article. 

In Hollywood, actors like Susan Sarandon who speak out against the war risk losing work or being dropped by their talent agencies. 

On college campuses, pro-Palestinian student groups are decertified while individual student activists endure doxxing and other forms of harassment. Campus teach-ins and movie screenings are “paused” due to “security concerns.” Not that campus bureaucrats will be spared as we saw recently when the presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania (all women) were hauled before their congressional inquisitors and made to answer for the tweets of 20-year-old college students.

It’s happened before — during the Red Scare of the McCarthy Era and more recently in the inflamed aftermath of 9/11. Here at The Indypendent, we won’t be cowed into silence on Palestine-Israel or anything else. Thanks to the support of readers like yourself, we are free to publish our unique mix of on-the-ground shoe leather reporting, political education and incisive analysis of visionary social movements fighting for a more just and humane world. The only thing that could silence us would be an indifferent response from our readers during our winter fund drive. 

• • •

We don’t have the precise recipe for how to solve all the world’s problems. But, we do operate this publication on broadly socialist values because: 

  • We believe there is more than enough wealth in this world for everyone to live a dignified life, if only it was shared more equitably. 
  • We believe in public institutions that serve the common good and enrich our lives.
  • We believe that when addressing our greatest societal challenges, we are far more powerful when we act collectively than when we act as individuals. 

The Indy functions as a public commons itself. We do the work throughout the year –– publishing this newspaper, updating our website regularly between issues, hosting a weekly Tuesday evening radio show on WBAI-99.5 FM –– and we give it all away for free. Under capitalism, that doesn’t make any sense. So call us crazy, but we trust that we have enough readers who share our values and who will support us when we ask for help. 

Will you be one of those readers? Our winter fund drive goal this year is $50,000, our largest ask ever. If you have given before, thank you. If you can give again this year and even dig a little deeper, we will be so grateful. If you haven’t given before, this is a great time to join the extended community of Indy supporters and make your first contribution

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With your help, we look forward to doing more great work in 2024. 

In Solidarity,

John Tarleton
The Indypendent

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