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We are a free, progressive monthly newspaper and online news site. Founded in 2000, The Indy has become a New York City institution and a unique fixture in the city’s mediascape.

We cover social justice movements here in New York and beyond and the issues they are concerned about because it is movements of organized people that make change happen.

We combine old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting and deep dive research with a willingness to look at news and culture with a critical lens, exploring how systems of power — economic, political and social — affect people’s lives. Facts matter. So does the ability to interpret and place them in context.

No lazy journalism here that defers to the powerful and then hides behind the pretense of being objective.

We have a combined print and online audience of more than 100,000 readers. In addition to our print edition that we publish at the beginning of each month, we have a website we update on a near daily basis, are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud, and have a weekly e-newsletter that you can sign up for here.

Winner of more than 50 awards from New York Community Media Alliance for excellence in journalism, The Indypendent is funded by subscriptions, reader donations, grants, and advertising. The newspaper is produced by a small paid staff working in tandem with a network of volunteer contributors.

We accept submissions at We reserve the right to edit articles for length, content and clarity.


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