Anna Gold

Solid Gold Links, July 6

Anna Gold Jul 6, 2009

From 1969, a handwritten Stonewall narrative; from 1952, “Socialism and Sex” The College of Tactical Culture began last week…

Solid Gold Links, July 1

Anna Gold Jul 1, 2009

Between 2000 and 2007 the top ten publically traded insurance companies saw profits increase 428%! Photos from Honduras Listen…

Solid Gold Links, June 30

Anna Gold Jun 30, 2009

Roberto Lovato and Jeremy Scahill on Honduras (via GritTV) Vanity Fair does Palin Solid Gold does LA: Picking grapes…

Solid Gold Links, June 29

Anna Gold Jun 29, 2009

Honduras: Al Giordano and the Tiny Revolution blog weigh in Roundup from Slashdot on Nokia’s and Siemens’s role in…

Links June 17

Anna Gold Jun 17, 2009

Iran Links: Jeremy Scahill does twitter; the U.S. government takes a different tack the Ayatollah speaks out a pre-election…

Links for June 16

Anna Gold Jun 16, 2009

Video: Watch Luc Besson’s documentary Home for free! Iran: Iraq in Fragments director James Longley reports from Iran; the…

Links for June 15

Anna Gold Jun 15, 2009

I am not even going to try to sift through all the Iran stuff from the past few days.…

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